West New York cops, EMTs resuscitate 68-year-old woman on New Year’s Eve


West New York police and two members of the local Emergency Services Unit (EMS) worked together to resuscitate a 68-year-old woman who went into cardiac arrest on New Year’s Eve. 

West New York police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On December 31st, West New York police received a call of a woman not breathing, upon arrival Police Officers Cirri and Dominguez found a victim who suffered cardiac arrest. The officers immediately started CPR and use of a defibrillator and were able to sustain a pulse until EMS arrived, officials said.

EMTs Dia Ibrahim and Margaret Ramirez continued life saving measures and used an auto pulse machine until the victim was transported to the hospital, authorities said.

This was the eighth life saved in West New York by the West New York Police Department and EMS in 2017, according to Mayor Felix Roque’s office.

“I am very proud of the work our Police and EMS do on a daily basis,” Roque said in a statement.

“This was a testament to their training and I will continue to ensure that our first responders are provided the best training and equipment to continue saving lives.”

Additionally, Police Director Robert Antolos complimented all involved and applauded the efforts of Roque for his continued support in keeping West New York safe.

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  1. 8th life saved! Excellent job WNYPD and EMS. You always hear about the bad stuff but our First Responders show day in and day out that they’re dedicated to keeping us safe and serving the community. Kudos to Director Antolos and Mayor Roque for getting your officers the equipment to help them do their jobs better. We, the citizens benefit from the training and use of these devices. Keep up the good work.