West New York BOE candidate disqualified due to invalid signatures


A West New York Board of Education candidate has been removed from the ballot due to having three invalid signatures on his petition for nomination, he confirmed with Hudson County View this afternoon.

German Alberto Chapin. Photo via LinkedIn.
German Alberto Chapin. Photo via LinkedIn.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

German Alberto Chapin, commonly known by his middle name, admitted that the Hudson County Clerk’s Office notified him last week that three of his 12 signatures submitted were invalid – 12 certified signatures were needed, per candidate, in order to move forward.

“It’s my fault, I dropped the ball. I tried to do it [get the signatures] real fast and I rushed,” he said over the phone today, praising the county clerk’s office for being very helpful throughout the process.

He further explained that three signatures were disqualified because one belonged to someone who was not a registered voter, another individual had his voter status revoked due to a criminal conviction and a third person did not write out their full name when they signed the petition.

“Only a judge can make a ruling to overturn the county clerk’s decision,” he added, noting that he has until Monday, August 15 to put the matter before a judge.

However, he stated such a set of circumstances was unlikely, since he has already contacted eight different attorneys about representing him in the matter and they all declined to take the case.

While Chapin left the door open to head to court, he said he has already told friends and family he plans on running for the BOE next year instead.

Chapin is active in town as the owner and a barber at the Cutting Edge Barbershop on 59th Street, the vice chairman of the zoning board of adjustment and also a West New York committeeman.

The West New York BOE election will now consist of eight candidates, including Board President Adam Parkinson, seeking three, three-year terms on the board. Election Day is November 8.

The Hudson County Clerk’s Office did not return an email seeking an updated list of the BOE candidates this afternoon.

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  1. who is this man never heard of him,im glad the clerk was paying attention, I for one don’t want anyone on the bord of Ed ,who doesent even know the people hes dealing with have a criminal record, we have enough of them running the town. our children deserve better.