West New York appoints Flores as public safety director through 2022 at $100k salary


The West New York Board of Commissioners appointed Mark Flores as the town’s new public safety director through 2022 at an annual salary of $100,000 at last night’s meeting.

“I want to take a moment to thank our police director, Robert Antolos – whose here,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said to applause.

“A good friend, a good director from the moment I was able to get the public safety commission throughout this transition and now as he’s moving on to bigger and better things, but still serving and protecting this community.”

Rodriguez told HCV after the meeting that the details of Antolos’ new post are still being finalized, but that he will be likely be in charge of security at the West New York public schools.

Meanwhile, Flores, who retired as a police captain on March 1st, 2017, also received heavy praise from the mayor.

“We’d like to re-welcome – it’s like he never left – re-welcome soon to be Director Mark Flores. He is no stranger to this community: another product of this community whose dedicate his career to law enforcement,” Rodriguez continued.

“So now to have him as soon to be director in a couple of weeks is an honor and a pleasure. I look forward to working with him. He too brings a plethora of information, knowledge, wisdom in law enforcement – as did Director Antolos.”

According to a copy of the resolution, which was approved unanimously (5-0), Flores has a three-year contract that runs through July 30th, 2022 and his first day at the new job will be August 1st.

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  1. Thought this creep crepped away?

    Flores needs to just go away.. WNY dont need this hack anymore. Tax Payers gave him a great Pension for nothing. Failed PO for his whole career.