Wefer: HUD is likely going to deem the HHA as a ‘troubled housing authority’


Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer gave Hudson County View an update on the HHA earlier this week, explaining what initiatives have taken place since Acting Executive Director Robert DiVincent took over in August.


Furthermore, Wefer provided clarity on what is being done to repair broken elevators and to install new generators that have been sitting in a parking lot for over a year.

Wefer later explained that the first phase would likely involve six of the 14 generators being utilized.

Additionally, Wefer elaborated on the new $15 million HHA budget approved at the October 9 meeting – essentially the same figure as last year’s operating budget.

Wefer concluded by stating that the HHA was unlikely to get a favorable review from HUD when they come to assess the authority later this fall.

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