Weehawken council votes to perform prelim studies to acquire walkway from NY Waterway


The Weehawken Township Council voted unanimously (4-0) to perform preliminary feasibility studies done to acquire a walkway from New York Waterway at their ferry maintenance terminal located at 4800 Avenue at Port Imperial.

Photo via IBI Group.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Be it further resolved that preliminary studies, surveys, tests, investigations, searches, soundings, borings, appraisals and the like be undertaken of and with respect to such properties and rights therein by the Township and its employees, contractors, consultants and agents to determine the nature and scope thereof,” the approved resolution says.

“And depending upon the analysis thereof, the feasibility and potential effects of acquiring same, which studies, tests and the like shall be conducted during reasonable business hours, upon no less than ten [10] days prior written notice to the owners and occupants of the subject property, given by certified mail, return receipt requested, and otherwise as may be provided by law.”

Furthermore, the local legislation says that Township Manager Giovanni Ahmad has the authority, in consultation with Township Attorney Richard Venino, to arrange for all relevant studies and tests, which could ultimately lead to condemnation proceedings.

“The Township Manager may hire such professionals, contractors and consultants to perform all such studies, tests and the like, within the allowable limits of authority under the local Public Contracts Law and within the limits of available funding; and that he shall report the findings and results of such tests and studies to this Council as soon as possible.”

The council approved the resolution at last night’s meeting, with Councilman-at-Large David Curtis absent.

The move comes about a month after the Hoboken City Council voted in favor of leasing Union Dry Dock to NY Waterway in hopes of connecting their waterfront and building a park, which they’ve deemed Maritime Park.

In the beginning of this year, Weehawken had considered filing litigation against Hoboken over NY Waterway’s future, but the lease scenario appears to have quelled the situation for now.

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