Weehawken BOE votes to repeal COVD-19 vaccination requirements for school staff


The Weehawken Board of Education voted to repeal COVID-19 vaccination requirements for school staff at a special meeting on Monday that lasted only about five minutes.

The Weehawken Board of Education meeting on August 29th, 2022. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Following a recommendation from Superintendent of Schools Eric Crespo, the governing body voted to repeal the vaccination requirement for school employees, effective immediately.

The measure was approved unanimously (6-0), with Trustees Gio Ahmad, John Cannata (the board president), Meg Carson, Julian Brian Mere, Richard Pinal, and Linda Vivin Cabrera voting yes.

Trustees Ildefonso Acosta, Marissa Dennis, and Jennifer Bolcar were absent.

The measure passed without any public comment or discussion from the board, which is not particularly surprising after Gov. Phil Murphy (D) lifted a coronavirus testing mandate for school and daycare workers who are not vaccinated on August 15th.

At the same meeting, Crespo, first appointed as schools chief in 2019, received a new five-year contract that will run retroactively through July 1st, 2022 through June 30th, 2027.

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  1. Science and reality intrudes on the fear porn mask-loving Karens. The vax that is not a vaccine 💉 is more deadly than Omicron, by far. Was recently reported by a Japanese specialist in the Lancet.

    Excess deaths are a big topic in the UK, across Western Europe but in the US, the censorship and suppression of excess deaths keeps the people dropping dead from all manner of cardiovascular problems hush hush.

    Tony Fauci is on the run but they can’t hide the truth forever. More fraud and Big Pharma will be further exposed. Congrats to the Weehawken BoE!