Jersey City AAPI Coalition speaks out against recent violent attacks against Chinese people


The Jersey City AAPI Coalition is speaking out against violent attacks against Chinese people in Journal Square over the past months.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The recent revelation that several Jersey City residents of Chinese ethnicity were attacked around Journal Square in Jersey City is very disturbing and alarming. This seemingly pattern of attacks against Asian Americans greatly concerns the JC-AAPI Coalition which was formed to address the rise in hate crimes directed at Asian Americans,” the group said in a statement.

“We extend our concern and support to the Chinese and Asian American people who were victims of these violent attacks. As the Jersey City Police Department investigates, we urge all Asian Americans in Jersey City to exercise caution and to be alert and aware of their surroundings and potential threats, particularly when walking in the evening and if you should be alone.”

They continued that they plan on reaching out to the Jersey City Police Department’s leadership, along with other city officials, to learn more about the details of the attacks and the investigation – suggesting the JCPD establish a special investigation unit and dedicated hotline with translators available.

Furthermore, they said these incidents need to be investigated as hate crimes, noting the May shooting at a southern California church where a Taiwanese immigrant fatally shot one man and injured five others.

“While the attacker may be of Asian descent, this does not preclude the attacker from committing a hate crime as occurred in Laguna Woods, California earlier this year,” the coalition concluded.

The World Journal, a Chinese-language newspaper, reported that six people were attacked in six separate incident dating back to February and The Jersey Journal followed up last week.

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