Union City police welcomes 10 new officers, swears in 10 new recruits


The Union City Police Department welcomed 10 new officers and swore in 10 new recruits that will head to the Bergen County Police Academy next month during a ceremony this afternoon.

“One thing that I can promise you from myself, I feel the best police chief Union City has ever had, Chief [Richard] Molinari is that we take whatever resources necessary in the police department to keep on going and progressing forward in Union City,” said state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

“We have a great community here, I’m really excited about each of the 20 officers coming on duty, to serve the community. I just asked the officers to always be courteous. Anyone here that’s called the police department knows that our number 1 priority is making sure we’re accessible to the residents.”

The 10 men who earned the distinction of police officer are Lisandro Garcia, Deyby Valladres, Christian Ruiz, Sebastian Montes, Christian Paz, Moshin Rafiq, Eric Saroli, Kevin Rivera, Andrew Rodriguez and Feliberto Gonzalo.

Prior to his remarks, Molinari asked for a moment of silence for fallen officer Ricardo Fernandez, who died one year ago today. In May, the department honored his memory by renaming a street and motorcycle building after him.

Despite the brief remembrance of a fallen friend, the police chief recognized the day as a great one for the men and women in blue.

“Our numbers are growing and that’s important. It’s important because the police department has to represent the community in which we serve,” Molinari stated.

“If you look at the officers who just recently came out of the academy and those that are journeying in the academy, this is who we are: we only hire Union City residents and we do that for a reason: because we feel as though the officer has to represent the community.”

After the ceremony concluded, Molinari said the policy of only hiring Union City residents has been in effect for at least the entire time he’s been with the department, over 30 years, and helps them recognize and understand the struggles the community faces.

Those sworn in today and heading to the Bergen County Police Academy in January are Javier Umana, Anibal Fresse, Porzia Tambone, Hector Brea, Weslley Hernandez, Edwin Cardona, Marco Cortez, Gerardo Colon, Victoria Armas and Juliette Crespo.

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