Union City Police Chief Molinari feels home invasion was ‘an isolated incident’


Union City Police Chief Richard Molinari told Hudson County View that he feels the home invasion that took place in an apartment on 3rd Street yesterday was “an isolated incident.”


“On 3rd Street, there was a home invasion yesterday, we feel it was an isolated incident, we don’t feel as if there is any danger for anybody else in the community. The detective bureau is working actively on it,” Molinari said after a swearing in ceremony this afternoon.

“It seems as though somebody had information as to things that may have been in the home at the time. We’re working hard on it to solve it like every crime in Union City. Like the mayor said, we’ve pushed crime down to the lowest numbers in 30 years. One crime is one crime too many and we’re gonna work on any issue we have, again, to better serve the residents every single day and every single night.”

ABC 7 first reported last night that a 45-year old woman was shoved through a glass coffee table when a man and woman dressed and black muscled their way into her apartment.

The duo tied the woman up and pointed a gun at her as they looked through the house for expensive goods, the report said.


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