Uber launches new rider verification feature that requires valid ID for anonymous payment sources


Uber has launched a new rider verification feature that would require anonymous payment sources to also include the upload of a driver’s license or passport.

Photo via thestreet.com.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

This new feature requires riders who try to set-up a new account with a prepaid card, gift cards or Venmo to upload a valid ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.

The ID then undergoes a series of validity checks, with the ride-share company indicating that these additional verification requirements can act as a deterrent to those who are trying to use the app to cause harm.

“Safety is our priority—for both riders and drivers. We believe this new feature will help hold riders using anonymous forms of payment accountable,” Alix Anfang Uber spokesperson said in a statement.

“We continue to pioneer new technologies to improve safety on Uber and give drivers peace of mind as they serve their communities.”

This new program is launching nationally to all riders and Uber will be the first rideshare company in the US to have this type of rider verification in the app.

Additionally, Uber has a team of former law enforcement professionals (including former FBI, Secret Service, Department of Defense and other law enforcement agencies) around the globe who are on call to work with police 24-7 to respond to urgent needs and assist both proactively and reactively with investigations.

The company has worked with law enforcement agencies to develop and send safety information and tips to our drivers in cities across the country (see here).

Uber also has a number of safety features in the app for drivers:

  • An Emergency Button in the app that enables drivers to call or text 911 and surfaces the real time location and trip information so it can be relayed to 911 call takers.

  • 911 integration technology which has rolled out in 650+ cities and counting (when a driver uses the emergency button in these cities, key details like location, license plate, and the make and model of the car will be automatically sent to the 911 dispatcher.)

  • RideCheck helps make sure drivers and riders are OK in the event of a possible crash or unexpected long stop.

  • The Follow My Ride feature available in app for drivers enables them to share their trip route in real time with family or loved ones.

  • 24-7 phone support is also available to drivers through the app.

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