Two Guttenberg families surprised with $1,000 check from Secret Santa


Two Guttenberg families were each pleasantly surprised with a $1,000 check from a Secret Santa, presented by members of the local council. Sponsored content.


“We’re looking for someone to give a donation, a family, to change their holidays,” Councilman Wayne Zitt told a father of two on 68th Street last night as they were about to head to dinner.

“And Mrs. [Councilwoman Donna] Florio felt that you were worthy of it, you would make sure the money is well spent and will make your holiday a lot more … happier.”

Zitt then presented the $1,000 check to the shocked dad, who appeared to be stunned by the news.

“Give a hug to everybody,” he told his young son Marvin, who is a special needs student, who was happy to embrace Florio, Zitt and Councilman John Habermann.

“Thank you very much. I don’t know what to say,” the father began.

” … This is a real, real blessing. Thank you very much, I wasn’t expecting something like this … it’s totally, it’s a surprise.”

Also last night, the three council members delivered a Secret Santa check to a family at a housing authority building right down the road at 400 68th St.

Zitt said that the Secret Santa is a local business member who participates in a number of charitable endeavors during the holiday season, but this individual prefers to remain anonymous.

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