Two former R4BWNY members call for ‘revolution’ in West New York


Two former members of Residents for a Better West New York spoke to Hudson County View about the shocking political alliance of Frank Ferreiro and Mayor Roque.


In response to a story on Hudson County View about former Residents for a Better West New York director Frank Ferreiro joining up with Mayor Roque’s administration, two former members of the group, Danny Parrales and Oscar Echeverria, went on the record about the shocking political alliance between Ferreiro and Roque.

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  1. Thank you, Michael Shurin for covering this important story. Thank you, Danny Parrales and Oscar Echeverria for speaking out on the reasons why you chose to disassociate from Mr. Ferreiro’s group.

  2. As always, I'm a Roque supporter! I applaud Frank and his change of heart. It's never too late for a change of heart. I disagree with Morales and Echevarria. Furthermore, I don't know either of them but believe you me, Mr. Morales and Mr. Echevarria, have no doubt about it either, the Honorable Dr. Mayor Felix E. Roque will be reelected! Esp. if I have something to say about it! Look at this video people, Morales and Echevarria don't even articulate well. And they think they can run West New York…. Please! They need to wake up and have a coffee! Roque, today, tomorrow, and always!!!!

    • @Mike I’m responding to why they didn’t look into the camera here. The reason is the camera was set at an angle to my right as I was asking them the questions. It’s awkward watching people face directly into the camera, and generally a poor practice.

  3. To Beatrice Oliveti in La La Land, Frank didn’t have a change of heart — he sold his soul. Don’t you know the difference?

    Good for Danny and Oscar for breaking off from him and sticking to their principles. I think you guys will do a great job because you want to do what’s right for the town, not just for yourselves. Good luck to you.

  4. Wow! I thought the kool-aid supply was depleted. Seems there might be a few stragglers left. These young men bring forth ideas and answers to problems as opposed to you ma’am. I suppose you work for the town and feel you have to profess your undying admiration for him. But honestly, no one is interested in your little cheerleading routine. It’s old. Your team sucks and unless you live in town and can actually vote for him, your comments are pointless.