Three days after Mayor Rodriguez sworn in, Roque drops West New York recount case


While he fought it with everything he had, former West New York Mayor Felix Roque has finally given up on a bid to get back on the board of commissioners, dropping a court case that was seeking a recount three days after the new mayor was sworn in.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Roque withdrew his petition for a recount and recheck of the May 14th municipal election results this morning, according to a court filing made by his attorney Gregg Paster.

A pain management specialist by trade, Roque filed to get a recount underway on May 17th, which was not surprising given that he told HCV the election results were “dramatically inconsistent” with his campaign data and was therefore mulling an official challenge.

It would’ve taken some remarkable findings for Roque to have found his way back into office, given that Commissioner Yoleisy Yanez, who finished in fifth place, was ahead of Roque by 674 votes.

Therefore, the effort was always a very long shot and looked particularly unlikely after Gov. Phil Murphy (D) came to town for the inauguration of Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez and his four colleagues that ran alongside him on the “New Beginnings West New York” slate.

Roque finally decided to throw in the towel after Hudson County Superior Court Judge Peter Bariso asked him to provide evidence of voter fraud, according to the NJ Globe.

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  1. Roque,now you have idea Who is Mr Sires and mafia,and the WNY voters make mistakes for few promised never happens,the most worst governor in NJ comen to the Rodriguez praise is bad signal for the citizens

  2. General Roque threw in the towel too fast. Everyone is entitled to a recount in the USA. All he had to do was bring to court one of those illegal Salvadorians that lives in WNY and voted for G-ROD. I have worked at many voting stations and even dead people show up to vote !… I rather have a Devil I know than a Devil I do not know. I think John would agree with me.

  3. Dr Felix Roque Back Stabs everyone he is surrounded by. Including all his ex wives and baby momma’s.

    If you trust Dr Felix Roque YOU ARE THE FOOL!

    Just look at the record, Anyone that helped him in his corrupt political career never stayed. Always a turn over of supporters believing the liar Dr Felix Roque.

    What a loser and criminal. Thank god Dr Felix Roque and his gang are gone from WNY Gov’t

    Now its time to clean up all the corruption from the Housing/Parking Authority’s to Town Hall Depts.

    Now Mercy cleaning house.