Suez: Jersey City residents could experience discolored water due to aqueduct repairs


In a letter to Jersey City residents, Suez Water warns that discolored water may be possible next week due to “necessary repairs to the Jersey City aqueduct on behalf of the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority.”

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“To maintain quality service to our customers, a contractor will be conducting necessary repairs to the Jersey City aqueduct on behalf of the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority. This aqueduct is the primary source of water supply and distribution for Jersey City,” the letter says.

“Improving this critical piece of infrastructure will enhance service reliability for all customers. This work is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 26, weather permitting.”

The letter continues that the job will take approximately one week and may lead to discolored water. If this occurs, Suez says it shouldn’t last for more than an hour or two and residents should run their cold water until it clears.

“If your water does not run clear after two hours, please contact our 24-hour customer
service number at 1-800-575-4433. Water quality parameters while this work is conducted will still be met,” the letter also says.

“However, we do not recommend washing white clothes if you notice discolored water. We realize you may be inconvenienced while we conduct this project. We kindly ask for your patience and support as we complete this necessary upgrade as quickly and safely as possible.”

In August, some residents were outraged that Suez waited 3 days to issue a water boil advisory after a test detected E. coli.

While Suez drew the ire of city council members when the testified before the governing body the next month, few new details emerged.

Since then, The Record reported that city officials delayed issuing their boil water advisory for about 12 hours after learning of the positive E. coli test.

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