Starting next Wed., Play! Hoboken will set aside hours for fully vaccinated patrons only


Beginning on September 1st, Play! Hoboken will set aside hours for fully vaccinated patrons only twice a week in an effort “to give everyone the option to play at a time when they can feel safe.”

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Starting Wednesday, September 1st and continuing all day every Wednesday and from 9 AM until 2 PM every Saturday (except for September 18th due to a prior commitment), Play! Hoboken and Hoboken Table Tennis will ONLY permit entry to those customers who are fully vaccinated,” the business announced in an email blast this afternoon.

“The intention is to allow a comfortable environment for those who are vaccinated to enjoy the large indoor space at specific times on certain days.”

Located at 1012 Grand St., the Mile Square City establishment offers 17 pool tables, board games, table tennis, pinball machines, foosball, and five golf simulators.

They also have a cafe that serves food and beverages.

“We have the support of both the Mayor and the Governor – and I hope this policy brings back customers who have not been comfortable enjoying indoor recreation since the start of the pandemic,” Play! Hoboken Ian Rintel owner said in a statement.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla, who has implemented a coronavirus vaccine/testing mandate where employees that get vaccinated could receive $1,000, applauded the move.

“Providing safe spaces for customers is critical as we adapt to the pandemic, and I thank Play! Hoboken and Hoboken Table Tennis for providing an extra option for vaccinated residents to enjoy. I encourage other Hoboken businesses to consider similar measures, which we as a City would be glad to highlight and share with the public.”

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  1. Yet more utter stupidity. Do these people even realize the basic reality everyone gets and spreads the CCCP Virus? Not only are these fools brainwashed, they are the shock troopers for fascism. Now they have their own special playtime together to be variant incubators. Unreal.

      • Person A took an experimental injection. Person A now gets and spreads the virus.
        Person B didn’t take an experimental injection. Person B is like Person A.

        Except Person B isn’t a variant incubator is very likely black and Hispanic.

        Why is Person A spreading hate and discrimination against Person B?

        • The vaccine has a very well documented, easily verified record against covid 19 and keeping delta cases from becoming serious. And now it has FDA approval. It’s way past experimental.

          But the far right needs to pretend FDA approval is meaningless so they can push their political agenda. Just like the far right needs to pretend to care about racism.

          They have no health or public-minded or racially sensitive agenda. Just politics. Fortunately we have an FDA whose mandate is science and the public good. They sign their name to their work which is backed up by their educational and professional credentials. This clown won’t sign his name to anything and has no educational or professional credentials. Except for Lime scooter charging. You can ask him about that.

          • FDA “approval” outside of the requirements for real vaccines in the past is not science, it’s politics. Anyone with an inkling of understanding on an actual approval would know this. You’re a fool.

            The vax is failing. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t need to insist on a desperate “booster.” How many jabs are required? Four, five, six, ten?
            What are the side effects and for the long term? Show us, moron.

            Why would they need yet another unproved, unstudied jab? That’s not science. That a hail mary heave. Show us the data on this “booster.” Oh, it doesn’t exist. All this insistence for a virus which well over 99% of people can fend off perfectly fine and kids have a 99.997% ability to handle. Yet these people insist on destroying everyone to give their almighty God, the State control over their lives. Pathetic.

            There is no scientific data to support discrimination, none. The discrimination against blacks and Hispanics is unwarranted. You can take your obese ass across the river and try to pin them down and force them to take an experimental injection. I’d love to see it.

            You’re just a mouthpiece for Ravi, hiding the truth on his terror flier and for the State’s lies on the virus and early treatment. You’re ignorance and repetition of lies is appalling. But your mental illness can’t stop you from being a ridiculous yenta hag.

          • How’s Pfizer doing? So bad they had to kill their last round of trials and get a political approval for their other jab and continue under an EUA. Which of course is a contradiction in the law but hey, Big Pharma billions in profits not American lives matter. When was the last time the Atlantic wasn’t a political leftist rag? No wonder you’re so dumb and clueless.

            A short primer today:
            a) India – low vax rate
            b) Romania – low vax rate
            c) Colombia – low vax rate
            c) US – high vax rate
            d) UK – higher vax rate
            e) Israel – over 80% vax rate, among the highest

            Present Day Results:
            India, using HCQ therapies and Ivermectin see cases fall sharply. Romania and Colombia similar sharp drop.

            Israel ICUs are now packed with people who are vaxed. People continue to be hospitalized die after the “booster” jab.

            Do the math. After repeated lies, endless shifting of goal posts for authoritarian measures completely decoupled from anything resembling “the science,” it’s time to go back to basics and look at the data and evidence instead of mindless repetition of government lies. Ignore their mentally ill drones.

            Actual hard data is surfacing on the viral loads and shedding being higher for those who were vaxed. It explains the explosion of cases where the vax is introduced, whether it’s a section of India or a region of another country.

            Scientists warned the approach being taken trying to jab entire populations since the virus was already embedded was dangerous. They are proven correct and those pushing Big Pharma only shots while blocking repurposed safe drugs for early treatment are proven wrong.

            On this front, we can only await the next Nuremberg trials.

            d) The UK is not punishing children with dirty, useless face mask virtue signaling theater in school. #Science

          • So you’re admitting you LIED about FDA rushing approval and trying to change the subject. Good start.

            But now you are LYING about Pfizer still being under EUA. They have full approval. This is known to everyone not living in their mom’s basement on a scooter juicing income.

            Forgetting your undocumented India nonsense, our CDC estimates that hospitalizations in LA are 1:29 vaccinated to unvaccinated. Real data for real people. Not something you’d be interested in.


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    oops, sorry, wrong article. as you were.

  3. What an utter shim.

    Ravi just put out a release where apparently a decent staff member admits: of 357 total cases from June to August 20, 202 are fully vaccinated, 146 unvaccinated and 9 partially vaccinated.

    That’s not a vaccine; that’s an FDA approved failure. It will continue failing as the data and evidence with deaths and hospitalizations show in Israel making a further mockery of science. But that doesn’t stop the political targeting of hate against people who elect not to be jabbed with the failing injection. Natural immunity is the only way out of this not another untested, unproven, anti-science “booster.” That’s not science. That’s sheer desperation. #FAIL

    Based on these Hoboken numbers, it’s the unvaccinated and those with natural immunity who need to be protected from the virus transmitters, the “vaxed.”

    • Hey Numbnuts, everyone with a brain knows you’re being very selective. Pay attention, read slowly and more than once if needed: vaccines help prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death.

      Vaxxed folks have who get COVID have mild or no symptoms, it’s the unvaxxed who make up almost all of the people who get severe cases and admitted to the hospital. Only a fool would choose hospitalization and potential death over possibly getting COVID and having only mild/no symptoms.

      Why aren’t you posting this nonsense on your blog? Why are you “on hiatus”? Ever wonder why everyone abandoned you, even those who supported you during the trial?

      • How is the vax doing in Israel? That’s what will continue happening here. A delayed response is merely a delay. Do you understand what a failing vax means when it is falling below 40% like Pfizer’s drug?

        That is if the experiment on your person doesn’t maim or kill you. It’s killing thousands, the most of actual vaccines over many years, combined! The vax is failing and will continue failing.

        Why is Nancy here lying over and over about anyone she has no clue about. Don’t you have a website Nancy where you can conspire, lie and defame others like how you cost your “friend” a quarter of a million? Congratulations, I’m sure he thanks you everyday.

  4. Your place sounds awesome Ian. I’ll definitely have to come check it out and play some pool and ping pong soon.

    Setting aside hours for fully vaccinated folks while retaining hours when anyone can come is a great idea – fair to everyone.

  5. Enough Roman, time to stop. I’d suggest washing your mouth out with soap but some would accuse me of promoting horse cannibalism.

    Get yourself healthy and a job!