Speeches at JCBOE meeting highlight ‘divided’ PS 34 in Jersey City


Three different speeches at a regular meeting of the Jersey City Board of Education highlighted conflict and division between teachers, administrators, and union representatives at PS 34 in Jersey City.


The Jersey City Board of Education, following testimony at the board’s caucus meeting and regular meeting, unanimously approved a resolution transferring two teachers – Alexis Allen-Penn and Patricia Jacobs – out of public school 34.

The move highlighted much bigger issues at the Jersey City elementary school, including divisions between staff and tension between union representatives in the building and school administrators.

Three speakers, Jersey City Education Association President Ronnie Greco, PS 34 PTA President Maureen Rios, and PS 34 teacher John LaRusso – who was accompanied by a dozen fellow teachers from the school – spoke about many of the issues they claimed were occurring within the building.

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