Hurricane Relief Concert in Jersey City raises $30k for Puerto Rico


A Hurricane Relief Concert in Jersey City raised $30,000, 50 percent over their goal, for the citizens of Puerto Rico that are still in dire need right now.


“We’re trying to raise monies for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was devastated about three weeks ago and we’re trying to do our best, from Jersey City, to be able to show that we are there for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico,” Freeholder E. Junior Maldonado (D-4) said at the Loews Theatre last night.

“We’ve raised over 7,000 pounds of supplies which included food and water and pampers and that sort and now today we’re going into the fundraising mode.”

One of the co-organizers of the event, which was sponsored by New Jersey for Puerto Rico, Maldonado said today via text message that the event raised $30,000 – shattering the event goal of $20,000.

“Listen, this has been phenomenal, we probably have over 2,000 people that have come here today that understand the cause. Listen, the donations keep coming forward for Puerto Rico: this is great,” added Jersey City Councilman-at-Large Daniel Rivera, who also helped organize the event.

The show featured live performances from the likes of Frankie Negron and Los Hermano Moreno, Frankie Morales, Charlie Lopez Band, La Segunda Quimbamba, Danny Matos y Son Candela, Billy Crespo, Roberto El Fabuloso and Jay Frias y sus Bachata, among several others. 

Additionally, the event was hosted by JI Starr of La Mega 97.9 and DJ Commandante Ivan Arroyo De Viva La Music Entertainment.

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