Speaker Vincent Prieto talks pension woes at event highlighting vocational education


At an event highlighting the importance of vocational and technical education at High Tech High School, NJ Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto discussed NJ’s pension crisis.


New Jersey Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto participated in a roundtable discussion that included Hudson County Schools of Technology Superintendent Frank Gargiulo, CEO of Eastern Millwork Andrew Campbell, who was also honored for his contributions to Hudson County vocational schools, and New Jersey Council of County Vocational–Technical Schools Executive Director Judy Savage regarding the need for future career and technical education to improve the state’s economy.

The event also included a tour of High Tech’s facilities, which showcased the many different career fields – including the culinary arts and media production – that they prepare students for.

In between the roundtable discussion and tour, Prieto spoke with Hudson County View about the rumored pension deal between the New Jersey Education Association and Gov. Chris Christie.

Prieto also answered a question about revenue and spending options – including the “millionaires tax,” middle-class tax increases, and cuts to pension benefits – that may help secure the long-term health of New Jersey’s pension systems.

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  1. He went to bat for the police unions, and they got everything they wanted. NO COMPROMISES. Pure Gold with a cherry on top. How the f is paying every beat cop in the state $100k + Crazy high over time + the top benefits available sustainable.

    And now the Cops and Firemen have the gall to cry about it.

    Vinny screwed up in the first place.

    And every single property tax owner in the state is paying for it … DEARLY!

  2. First you fail to realize Vinny “went to bat” for the cops and firemen to get overpaid so he created this Greece like mess.

    Secondly he has FOUR jibs you forgot about the consulting firm from south jersey that is ALSO working against the public good.