Sources: West New York fight ends in stabbing outside high school


A fight between two Memorial High School students in West New York this afternoon ended in a stabbing near the intersection of 56th Street and Broadway, sources told Hudson County View this evening.

Memorial High School in West New York.
Memorial High School in West New York.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

According to sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, a fight between the two high schoolers ended with a 16-year-old stabbing a 21-year-old near the intersection of 56th Street and Broadway.

The victim was treated at the Jersey City Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries and the attacker remains at large as an investigation continues, sources said.

The location is right under the bridge connecting two buildings that a are a part of Memorial High School, whose main address is 5501 Park Ave.

The West New York Police Department declined to comment on the situation.


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  1. This article is a little confusing. The 21 year old can’t possibly be a student ? So “a fight between two high school students” is inaccurate. Or was there a fight between two high school students and the 21 year old got involved in the fight ?

    • That’s what most people would say, and understandably so, but somehow, someway, this young adult is still in high school – according to multiple sources.

    • when I attended memorial.we had Seveal 20.and 21 year old seniors……we called the the biker boys because all.they did was work out at a gym on 59th st do steroids and ride crotch rockets….suzukis….etc….I knew one personally…..sad really….he still well and me at 15 was enrolled in all.AP course graduating with honors….

  2. I think Roque is associated with Palisades Hospital in Edgewater. That’s probably why they took him to Jersey City.

    Who would want to be treated by Dr. Feelgood? He’ll give you a couple of pills and send you on your way, even if you were stabbed.

  3. This is the same school that the teacher brought the cop’s gun in. Nothing was done and the principal knew about it and didn’t report it. Does someone have to really get hurt before the superintendent does something?