UPDATED: Hudson County sheriff’s officer suspended for DWI commits suicide


A Hudson County sheriff’s officer who was suspended without pay for crashing into a Bayonne bar while allegedly driving drunk last month has committed suicide, multiple sources told Hudson County View. Hudson County Sheriff's Office

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Alex Ferrer, 41, of West New York, was found dead in his home and the preliminary findings all point to a suicide, according to multiple sources who spoke under the condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to speak on the matter.

A spokesman for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office deferred comment to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and the West New York Police Department.

“I can confirm that last night, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office was involved in an investigation on Boulevard East in West New York into what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound involving a 41-year-old Hudson County Sheriff’s Officer,” said agency spokesman Ray Worrall, declining to elaborate further.

Back on May 14, Ferrer was charged with DWI within 1,000 feet of a school (Beacon Christian Academy) and reckless driving after crashing his civilian vehicle into a Bayonne bar early Saturday morning, according to Police Capt. Janine Foy.

As a result of the incident, Ferrer was suspended without pay and the sheriff’s office opened an internal affairs investigation.

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    • @Milo his department issued weapon was most likely surrendered when he was suspended. His personally owned weapons can not be taken from him for Driving under the influence… May he rest in peace.

  1. Great! Another weak minded cop who couldn’t handle the fact that he wasn’t treated like he is above the law. Maybe they should conduct psych exams often and not just upon hiring.

    • Weak minded? Wow talk about cold hearted. Let the man rest in peace, obviously he was in tremendous pain to have taken his own life. I hope you never suffer pain so intense.

      • Weak minded? Really. Cold hearted callous. Let you or one of your loved ones suffer so deeply that the only way to get peace without your own head and body is to take your life and see if you have the same feeling. My Dad had this state of mine and tried to take his life. He didnt succeed but there was something that we never realized he was going through in his own head. You would have never thought him to do or try it either. Took us for a loop and we realized he was in so much pain, unbearable pain. I cannot even imagine. RIP, Alex. I remember you came with Jess and Merrick to my TEAM JONATHON 5K to remember my baby grandson who passed and you were at Merricks fundraiser when he was a baby. Prayers be with you and your loved ones.

    • ….what a horrible thing to say. Whether he thought he should get special treatment or not is irrelevant, someone clearly going through a tough time. To say “Great!” what a heartless and cruel person you are.

    • I honestly have all the right to feel anger towards those cruel comments, but all I could say is I feel pity for you. The ignorance that exudes from that paragraph is unreal. To say,”Great” towards someone you don’t even know justifies the little to no life you must really have that you would take the time to even write something other than condolences. He was an amazing man! I don’t need to sit here and explain how much of a better human being he was than what the media portrayed him out to be. The people that ACTUALLY knew him, know that! I can assure you he led a fulfilling and meaningful life towards his country and the people around him. Something you obviously don’t know, and judging by those horrific comments, will never know.
      RIP ALEX! Your family & friends will always love you, and will continue to be there for you even when you can’t.

  2. My thoughts and prayors are with his family. May God welcome him with open arms, as he was a good man and a United States Marine that fought in Iraq. Its very sad, that we have lost another solidier, and a good man.

  3. @veronica…….you are another POS who has never made a mistake. He crashed his car into a building. He did not commit a murder. Apparently he held himself to a higher standard, and let himself down for one stupid mistake. I’m sure there is more to the story though. Suicide is horrible, a weak act, but you’ll never know what the victim was thinking at the time.
    Why waste my breath, you probably got a MV Summons so you hate all police. POS

  4. This is the usual result when people (employers) jump the gun and toss you out like garbage. Higher ups need to see what kind of havoc is caused by suspending someone without pay cause of a mistake. I understand law enforcement is held to a higher standard but come on let’s be real now. For you people who don’t understand. When suspended without pay meams you can not collect unemployment til all appeals are exhausted. You are still held under all dept rules and policies while out. This man didn’t commit murder or pull a robbery! It was nothing more then a bad judgement. Now his family has to pay the burden. The mam should have been brought up on disciplinary and ran it’s course from there. Hudson county I believe should be held accountable for this young mans death

  5. I have a lot to say on this matter but I will try and be brief. First off, I agree with Mike 100%. Now, let me get on Veronica for a moment. I don’t know if you are disgruntle about a prior situation or just plain ignorant. Suicide in itself is serious. Unless you are certified doctor to give your opinion on that, you shouldn’t be calling anyone weak minded. Now let me tell you what kind of “weak minded cop” he really was, which the media is wrong for not giving the full story. This man was a Navy veteran, Swat team member, Border Patrol, and a Sheriff for the county. His whole life has been servitude to our country and here you go demoralizing it for ONE mistake. Again, like Mike said, he wasn’t a child molester, abuser, killer… I mean the list can go on. He made a bad call. How do you know he didn’t swerve to hit the wall vice someone else? It’s ignorant and close minded people like yourself that is turning society to pure hate and discontent. You think the crime fits the punishment? Absolutely not. What happens to kids that commit a DUI? sometimes its just a slap on the wrist… pay bail and they are done, unless they kill someone. My point is we are so quick to judge someone else for mistakes, not knowing the root of the cause. No one should be happy of anyone else’s death. There’s no moral in that. However, you should be held responsible for your actions. This man was pushed over the limit. The mind is a very powerful thing. You want to mention psych exams??? SERIOUSLY!!!! Have you been to war? Have you been shot at? probably not if you are making comments like that. Here’s the real question, would you be saying the same thing if this was your brother? your husband? or how about your son? No, you wouldn’t. So please, think before you speak. The county should definitely be held responsible. They knew all he had done prior, so if they were truly involved, this mishap could’ve possibly been prevented.

    • This guy was a personal friend and a tremendous person. The fact that he resorted to this says he was in a lot of pain that he could not get rid of any piece of **** that dares say it is a good thing to kill yourself deserves to feel that kinda of pain. His family and friends are destroyed with this. Shame on you for speaking that bull**** @verionica

  6. Officer Ferrer was assigned to a courtroom were I worked. He took his job seriously and ensured everyone was safe in out of the courtroom. In times when additional security was needed, he would walk around the perimeter of the building in a SWAT uniform. He was genuinely a nice person, and I was saddened to hear of his passing. He will be missed.

  7. The fact that he got a dui when we have things like lyft or uber makes him an idiot , I lost family to some asshole drinking and driving. Suicide is a sin and it’s a cowards way out , they are ppl in worst situations with nothing who are fighting everyday to eat and this ass**** drinks and gets behind the wheel we are supposed to feel pity you guys should all be ashamed of yourselves !!!

  8. Matthew Gillen, a former Hudson County sheriff’s officer who worked with Ferrer for about two years, said Ferrer showed him the ropes when he was a new officer. “When I first graduated from the academy, he was always one of the nicer guys,” said the 28-year-old, now a Bayonne firefighter. “He was a good friend to not only myself, but also to a lot of people in the Sheriff’s Office.”