Sources: Hoboken Councilwoman-at-Large Jabbour frontrunner to be next council president


Hoboken Councilwoman-at-Large Emily Jabbour is the frontrunner to be the council president in 2023, sources familiar with the situation told HCV.

Hoboken Councilwoman-at-Large Emily Jabbour. Screenshot via Facebook Live.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Jabbour, who was elected as part of then-Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla’s ticket in 2017 and was then re-elected last year, served as the council vice president this year while 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo served as council president.

Bhalla typically holds a 5-4 majority on the council and it’s rare for someone up for re-election to hold a leadership position, which is notable since the six ward council races are in November.

“There were some conversations going back a year ago about new council leadership. When there was discussion about [Russo] taking on council president, I expressed interest in that as well. With that said, nothing in Hoboken is done until it’s done,” Jabbour said over the phone.

She also acknowledged that Russo said he’d like to nominate her for the post at his fundraiser earlier this month.

“All he can say for now is that he’d like to nominate me and that’s lovely, but I’d like to speak with all of my colleagues. The meetings have been more efficient and things have been vetted in a more detailed way this year and that’s something I’d like to continue.”

Multiple sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, were far more bullish on Jabbour’s chances to lead the governing body in 2023, insisting that she had the lion’s share of votes locked up already.

Between 2017 and 2021, 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino and 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos were the only electeds to serve as council president in the Mile Square City.

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    • After Jabbour’s despicable conduct in hiding the facts for the boondoggle quarter billion dollar high school referendum from the public she has lost much of her credibility with many voters.

      Ravi Bhalla paid most of her political campaign bills and she in turn repays that funding with always rubber stamping his agenda. When she is questioned about her votes she becomes very combative and sometimes plain nasty.

      That said Bhalla has also paid the bills and pushed for significant pay increases for his five vote rubber-stamp majority and will install whoever he wants.

    • Disagree. CM Fisher takes her responsibilities in her position serving 2nd Ward as a full time job, researches, meets and advocates for their — and rest of Hoboken — considering all angles to come to conclusion. On the other hand, CM Jabbour simply repeats what she is told to say – total puppet about whom I cringe to think of council Pres which is next in line as Mayor. As a CP at large, Emily has never had a constitute. Russo is corrupt as heck. Ravi corrupt has heck. Can we have better choices?

  1. It will be interesting to see how long corrupt Russo suck the Bhalla teet before he launches his mayoral campaign against Emily. My money is on Emily to win as he has the best virtue signaling on town despite her hubby working for shipping giant and global polluter, Maersk.

    • How I see it is Jabbour would make much more as mayor than her supposed day job and she wants it and will do as she is told. Cohen makes too much with his law firm and has promised the mayor spot when Bhalla moves on.. Both have been unquestioning employees of Bhalla.