UPDATED: Ex-Bayonne Mayor Smith joins sheriff’s office as head of homeland security


Former Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith has joined the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office as the homeland security director, Sheriff Frank Schillari confirmed.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am pleased to welcome Mark Smith to the very important position of Director of Homeland Security for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office,” Schillari said in a statement.

“I have known Mark for many years and have great respect for his outstanding law enforcement career with the Bayonne Police Department, where he earned many commendations for heroism, saving lives and outstanding police work. Mark also has significant public safety management experience and he will be a great asset to our office.”

“Director Smith will coordinate with other Homeland Security Offices at the state and federal level, including the FBI and New Jersey State Police. HCSO officers have been working with Homeland Security agencies for several years. By establishing a formal Homeland Security Office, Hudson County will now be eligible to pursue additional funding available through the federal government.”

Smith started his new gig today at a salary of $104,000, the sheriff’s office confirmed.

The last person to serve as homeland security director was Michael Razzoli, a retired Jersey City firefighter, who left the post in 2013, according to the Jersey City Independent.

Prior to the sheriff’s office confirming the hire, three sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to speak on the matter, said Smith’s salary was at least $100,000.

Hudson County View reported last week that Smith was poised for a six-figure job at the sheriff’s office in the immediate future..

A retired Bayonne police captain, Smith receives an annual pension of $107,683.20, public records show.

Smith unsuccessfully sought re-election against Jimmy Davis in 2014, eventually coming up short in the June runoff.

Late last year Smith said he was considering a rematch with Davis, but ultimately decided not to run again.


Editor’s Note: The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Smith’s hire about two hours after this story was initially published.

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  1. Nice to see the HCDO use tax payers money to buy support for gasbag DeGise
    Stack is the man

    Like Ravi Bhalla says it’s time to stop the county ravaging of Hoboken while the HCDO lines it’s cronies pockets !!!
    Bhalla+Stack+Fulop= No DeGise

    • Stack is a career criminal, Fulop is a carpetbagging fool who’ll be lucky to survive his next election, and Bhalla didn’t even win a majority in his. DeGise has the backing of Menendez, Booker, and Sires. I wouldn’t expect to see him going anywhere any time soon.

      • Hoboken is squarely behind Bhalla, he’s a national leader and has statewide support too. If Booker doesn’t play by Ravi’s terms, Ravi is going to take out Booker next. He can do it, just ask the Hoboken Democratic party chair that was ousted last week!
        With the power of Russo, Zimmer, Cohen and Jabbour Hoboken has the sort of unity Beth Mason and Russo tried to do back in 2009.
        Bhalla, Fulop and Roque and the new reformers that this region needs. With the institutional knowledge and street smarts of Stack and budget hawk /parking utility watchdog Russo nothing can stop the new county leadership. Today Hudson, tomorrow Trenton!