Sources: 4 Guttenberg DPW workers caught stealing from parking meters


Four Guttenberg Department of Public Works employees, including the superintendent, were arrested on Tuesday for their alleged roles in a scheme to steal money out of parking meters, multiple sources told Hudson County View. Guttenberg DPW

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Guttenberg DPW Superintendent Kenneth DeGrushe, and his employees Scott O’Connor, Ronald Oriolo were all arrested by the Guttenberg Police Department on Tuesday for repeatedly stealing from parking meters, according to sources with knowledge of the situation who were not authorized to speak on the matter.

A fourth arrest was also made, but the employee’s name could not be disclosed due to an ongoing personnel matter.

The amount the men stole and the time frame in which the theft occurred has not yet been determined, but the arrests came after Guttenberg police ran a four-week surveillance on DPW employees, sources said.

All four men have been suspended without pay pending an investigation, which has now been handed over to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, sources further explained.

The Guttenberg DPW has 14 employees, 12 regular workers, a supervisor and a superintendent. According to public records, DeGrushe has been working for the town since 2004 and earned a salary of $55,035 last year.

Additionally, Oriolo has been on the town payroll since 2007 and took home $31,185 in 2015. Salary and employment information for O’Connor was not immediately available.

Councilman Wayne Zitt, who oversees the department, deferred comment to the prosecutor’s office, who confirmed that four Guttenberg DPW employees had been arrested but did not immediately have any further information available.


  1. They should just close this town and merge with a neighbor like WNY or NB. This town has one of the highest municipal tax rates in the County. School is overbuilt and underfunded and the town employees are thieves.

  2. Igmorance at it’s best. Ao North Bergen has enough Mexicans? Are you a Native Americans. Funny you should make reference to hispanics and yet the names if the thieves were not. Sad so many forget where they came from. Sure as heck the family tree did not embark here. And if so that would make you a Cherokee Indian. Or are you related to Washington. Out 1st President who was a big slave owner and was not even America and yet made President. They accepted it as he betrayed the British but I can assure you it was for his own benefit. Not to say that others have not contributed to make America what it is but seems to me so many have so much to say and as intellectual as they may attemot to claim to be they lack for if they did not such comments would not stray from their brains to the computer. If you are really an American remember what it stands for… Freedom and Justice for all. We are no one to Judge. Truth is truth.

  3. To bad Schroeder and his meter mechanic didn’t get caught in WNY before Roque made him leave. The Parking Authority would be Millions richer. Yes Millions!

    • Roque gave the security in the WNY parking authority to his criminal buddy and former town commissioner Ruben Vargus who pleaded guilty to stealing from HUD and is on probation for three years but is still on the payroll at the Wny parking and still in charge of security while Roque is under indictment for accepting bribes. Figure that one out.

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