Should Weehawken official be allowed to drive township car to summer home?


Weehawken Construction Code Official Frank Tattoli drove a township vehicle down to his summer home in Seaside Park on multiple occasions, but Mayor Richard Turner says the practice is fair given his hefty job responsibilities.


Tattoli, who earned $113,070 in Weehawken in 2013 according to public records, owns a home in Seaside Park – based on property records.

Looking at photos forwarded to Hudson County View, it appears thatTattoli had a municipal vehicle with the license plate “MG90376” parked either in the driveway or in front of the Seaside Park home just a few months ago.

While Tattoli could not be reached at his office on Wednesday, Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner said allowing Tattoli to drive a township vehicle to and from work is fair considering he is “on call 24/7” and “puts in an enormous amount of hours” with very little help.

“The township pays for gas and mileage, he’s on call 24/7, so I have no problem with that whatsoever,” Turner said over the phone.

“So whether he lives in Sussex or Ocean County, he’s on call 24/7. He may be living there [Seaside Park] full-time now, I’m not too sure, but it’s very hard to find subcode officials who meet all the criteria that live in Weehawken.”

Turner added that Tattoli is the only township official that lives outside of Weehawken and is allowed to use a township car, further stating joyriding, shopping and running errands are not permitted uses for the vehicle – none of which would describe the car being parked in a driveway.

However, East Coast Private Investigations President Joe Blaettler wasn’t interested in that aspect of Tattoli’s employment: he instead honed in on how Tattoli is able to earn $55,000 a year as a plumbing sub-code official in Union City – even though he works just five hours a week.

Records from six payroll periods between December 29, 2014 and May 29, 2015 indicate that Tattoli was getting paid 10 hours per pay period.

The New Jersey Civil Service Commission lists the hire, effective August 17, 2011, as $55,000, though Blaettler questioned why Tattoli’s salary was listed as just $30,000 in a request for employment approval from the State Department of Community Affairs in October 19, 2010.

Since Union City receives transitional aid, they must have all of their hires approved by the DCA, prompting Blaettler to call the hire more fiscal irresponsibility from Union City Mayor/state Senator (D-33) Brian Stack.

Stack did not return calls seeking comment.

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  1. Of course Turner would say this is OK . Anywhere else in NJ he and his part time inspector would be in jail. You wonder why people laugh when you say you live in Hudson County. These guys are embarrassments.

  2. Stack and Turner Perfect together. Robbing the tax payers blind. I agree with MAM Turner is a public nuisance. Free cars, 5 hour a week jobs, $90,000 consulting jobs and the list goes on and our taxes go up.

  3. They both (mayor and Tattoli) need to feel it. I’ll bet both look in the mirror and say “eff the taxpayers, who’s better then us”. Maybe a overweight Peterbuilt will hit your precious car head on. Then I’ll share your wife with mayor you God damn clown

  4. I wonder how many times this guy has actually been called back to Weehawken from his summer home to justify his using a town car at taxpayers’ expense to travel to the shore.

    Mayor Turner, can you answer that question? I bet you can’t, or won’t. And by your logic, if his being on call 24/7 is a reason to justify his use of the town vehicle, he would be using it for everything and wouldn’t even need a private car of his own.

    What a crock! Nothing but lies from these filthy politicians.

    Hey, speaking of filthy politicians, does Roque’s pal Silvio Acosta still have a WNY town vehicle at his disposal? Another crock — and crook.

  5. Time for Turner to go. His arrogance is disgusting. How can he defend this behavior? When you add in his wife who is also on the government payroll they are making over $400.000 in tax dollars. Shame on them and shame on us for not fighting back.

  6. Turner states Tattoli deserves the car because he works long and hard hours and is on call 24/7. I challenge anyone to try and reach Mr. Tattoli and see how often he answers his phone. Furthermore, if Tattoli is so busy, how does he have the time to hold a second job as a Plumbing Code official for Union City and a third job for the town of Secaucus? While your at it can you explain to me what qualifications Mayor Turner has to be a “mold” inspector?