Presinzano swings at Bhalla over his veto of Hoboken ordinance to ban new parklets


Hoboken 1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano is swinging at Mayor Ravi Bhalla over his veto of a Hoboken ordinance that would’ve banned new parklets as part of ongoing rat mitigation efforts.

1st Ward council candidate Paul Presinzano. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The mayor’s veto is yet another example of failed leadership making bad decisions that work against the interests of the people of Hoboken. The rat crisis we are currently facing could have been avoided if the administration had taken swift action,” Presinzano said in a statement.

“Now, with experts suggesting the parklet structures are contributing to the rat infestation, it is clear the mayor is content to let the problem fester. Since this rat crisis could very well spawn another public health crisis, that is just simply the wrong move for Hoboken families. We must prioritize the health and safety of our community.”

Presinzano continued that he favors council amendments to implement removable seating areas instead of permanent structures. He feels this approach allows businesses to continue offering outdoor seating while addressing the ongoing rat infestation issue.

“When you have a problem that could become a citywide health crisis, you do everything you can to stop it, like we did during Covid. We need to be proactive in finding solutions that support our small businesses without compromising the well-being of our residents.”

The city council approved a measure sponsored by 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino and co-sponsored by 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher that would ban new parklets while still allowing existing ones, as well as parklets.

The vote was 5-4, with 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo, 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, Fisher, and Giattino voting yes.

Council President Emily Jabbour, 5th Ward Councilman Phil Cohen, Councilman-at-Large Jim Doyle, and Councilman-at-Large Joe Quintero voted no.

By the next morning, Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced that he was vetoing the ordinance, preferring a five-month moratorium that was introduced during new business by DeFusco and Cohen (it passing unanimously, 9-0).

Bhalla also said that he agreed with the Hoboken Business Alliance that banning new parklets would hurt local entrepreneurs.

“In my opinion, the ordinance does not effectively address the issue is aims to resolve and simultaneously hurts the business community, to the detriment of our broader Hoboken community,” he wrote in his veto statement.

A city spokeswoman did not return an email seeking comment.

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    • Presinzano is trouble. He has problems with facts, wants wild animals exterminated, and is vicious on environmental issues and refuses fact checking. He represents fraud and is seriously dangerous, DO NOT ELECT THIS CLOWN PLEASE HOBOKEN IGNORE HIM AND ED REEP. BOTH ARE TROUBLE. HE INCITES RESIDENTS TO KILL GEESE W DOGS. AVOID THIS PERSON AT ALL COSTS.

  1. Read his Patch interview. He could not answer the question: who do you support for the Board of Ed? Doofus said he’d have to study the issue. Really? Hard to believe he cares so little to have an opinion on which candidates would do best for Hoboken district schools. Every other candidate had an answer. Not him. And when asked who he voted for president, Doofus said “not Trump.” That wasn’t the question. If he didn’t vote for Trump, and he didn’t vote for Biden, then maybe he didn’t vote at all? Why wouldn’t he answer such a simple question? What’s he hiding? Rafi did a far better job answering the same questions, direct and transparent.

  2. Voting for Leo Pelligrni who was always there for not only the First Ward but all of Hoboken.
    From Hoboken’s response Sandy to Covid Leo was always. leading Hoboken in the right direction.

    • But Leo declined Patch’s interview request to answer the same questions the other two candidates did. The interviews were very informative and First Ward voters have a right to know what Leo’s priorities for Hoboken and policy positions are. Turning down the candidate’s interview was a lost opportunity. In my view, Patch interview answers showed Rafi to be by far more thoughtful and informed than Paul P. Paul P ‘s answers sounded like rehearsed talking points, and he could not answer who he was supporting for Board of Education. If you take Paul at his word that he really doesn’t know enough about the candidates to have an answer (3 out of 4 of them are long serving incumbents) then he’s too out of touch to serve on Hoboken’s legislative body.

  3. Don’t for for The Bhalla pawn Rafi Cordova.
    He’s nothing more than a pawn to do what Bhalla Wants.

    The 1st ward hasn’t had a council person paying attention since DeFusco left

    • Colombia?

      That’s where DeFusco left the First Ward during the height of the Covid pandemic. DeFusco left his elderly constituents to their own devices during Covid for months while he enjoyed himself in Colombia.

      Or do you mean his 60 percent attendance record on the Planning Board? DeFusco left those meetings high and dry- but he was busted for taking donations from planning board applicants.

      Or do you mean how he left his Marineview constituents for years after promising them monthly meetings, a broken campaign promise. DeFusco SUCKED and the only ones who’ll miss him are the political hacks posting here.

      • Truth is he is still in Hoboken and continues to work for the 1st Ward.
        He repeatedly called out Ravi Bhalla and his rubber stamp crew when he knew they were wrong and Hoboken is and will be better for it.
        Always disappointed in the hate posts propagated by Bhalla and his staff..

  4. Paul came through my building, knocking on every door and taking time to speak with anyone who was interested.

    He was very knowledgeable and cared about a wide range of issues that impact me personally— traffic, rats, taxes, and government accountability.

    I know Leo, never heard of Rafi- but Paul’s getting my vote.

  5. Rafi may be slick, but let’s remember that has Ravi’s backing so will likely be yet another rubber stamp on the Council. Time to get some new, independent ideas in City Hall. Paul gets my support.

  6. Rafi is a joke candidate. His only accomplishment in life is that he went to Yale 40 years ago. This is why Bhalla supports him, because he knows that Rafi is so insecure (like Emily) that he is the perfect puppet. With a weak resume, he has resorted to embellishing his accomplishments. In a slap in the face to 911 victims he has lied about volunteering to help 911 victims, when no one involved in those efforts knows who he is. He’s chair of the rent board that has hurt tenants with his naïveté. Rafi supposedly works as a life coach, but there is no public listing of his business. If it weren’t for Lauren Myers, Rafi would be the biggest joke candidate of this election cycle.