Sacco urges North Bergen tenant advocate to aid renters being wrongfully evicted


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco is urging the township’s tenant advocate to aid renters who are being wrongfully evicted from a building under new management.

625 John F. Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We will not allow our residents to be bullied and intimidated in any way by owners or landlords who are looking to profit off of the displacement of others,” Sacco, also the state senator of the 32nd Legislative District, said in a statement.

“We will use every legal device in our toolbox to ensure their rights are protected and their families are secure in the knowledge they will not be forced to leave their homes.”

Sacco advised Tenant Advocate Michael Purvin to send a letter advising tenants of 625 John F. Kennedy Blvd. that they had the legal right to continue living there despite any intimidation or harassment from the new owners or their representatives.

Since the building was purchased three months ago, a number of tenants have already vacated their apartments and Sacco has emphasized that he’s committed to ensuring landlords who violate New Jersey’s Anti-Eviction Act are held accountable.

The law also prohibits retaliation by landlords against tenants who assert their rights under the act. Overall, the Anti-Eviction Act aims to ensure that tenants in New Jersey have secure and stable housing.

If any North Bergen tenants are facing fear of eviction from management or its representatives, are urged to contact Purvin’s office.

He could be reached at (201) 867-4454, email, or via traditional mail: 5600 JFK Blvd., West New York, NJ 07093.

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  1. Thank You Mayor Sacco for caring about the residents in your town. My sister and I moved to North Bergen 9yrs. Ago and we love it here. We actually lived in West New York right around the corner from your Mom and Dad . We lived in the Apartment on Jackson and went through the same situation and some rather unsettling experiences plus we were 62 at the time so it was nothing a Senior Citizen should ever have to go through. I wish those people nothing but the best and I am sure you will take care of them. Good Luck on Election Day. You have my vote and my sisters.

  2. Yes and 2037 Kennedy Blvd Apt. 3 North Bergen Nj 07047. I’m on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant and my landlord Frank Wilson is kicking me out after 11 years of me living in my home. I’m on disability and don’t have enough money to move. My daughter is graduating this year from high school. She plans to commute from home to college next year.

  3. Thank you mayor for being so caring about our residents in North bergen NJ .

    In this particular story my friend lived there and he was no harassed to leave at all . He was offered a nice deal and he took it . He knew his rights and so did the landlord said to them as well .

    The building was in a terrible condition so he was happy to leave in good terms .

    I hate when people send around fake and negative news .