Cirillo commits to office hours, division of constituent services, as West New York mayor


West New York Public Affairs Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo is committing to consistent office hours for residents, as well as creating a division of constituent affairs, if elected mayor.

Photo courtesy of the “West New York Forward” campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am looking forward to bringing the Mayor’s Office to each neighborhood. By visiting and hearing from our residents directly we can work together to move our town in a positive direction forward,” Cirillo said in a statement.

“These meetings will help our residents address concerns and help make our town stronger and more unified. I will be a mayor for all residents and will always do my best to help.”

He continued that his vision for accessible mobile hours includes visiting local neighborhoods throughout town and providing a space for residents and business owners to meet with the mayor and town representatives to discuss concerns they are facing within the community.

Additionally, Cirillo has indicated he will have set walk-in office hours so that residents will not have to make an appointment to see their mayor on certain days and times of the week.

Cirillo’s “West New York Forward Team” plans to develop a Division of Constituent Services that will streamline the process of obtaining answers to common issues.

By implementing these services, residents will be able to resolve their queries more precisely and concisely, rather than being directed from office to office in search of the appropriate department to assist them.

These constituent service providers will walk community members through the process of resolving their reason for being there. Hoboken re-implemented an Office of Constituent Affairs for similar reasons last year.

The non-partisan West New York municipal elections are on May 9th, when Cirillo and his slate takes on the “Sires Team for West New York” headed by Albio Sires, a former congressman, assembly speaker, and mayor.

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