Sacco talks stunning Trump presidential victory, Christie’s political future


State Senator/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco (D-32) spoke with Hudson County View regarding Donald Trump’s (R) shocking presidential victory, as well as what it means for Gov. Chris Christie’s political future.


“You know, I was very surprised I thought she [Hillary Clinton] was gonna pull it out, I thought it was gonna be different from what it was: I thought he might win the popular vote and she would win the electoral vote and it ended up being the reverse of what I thought would happen,” said Sacco.

” … The people have spoken, in North Bergen 75 percent of the people voted for Hillary Clinton. That surprised me, I thought he might get one-third of the vote and he didn’t here. But, on the other hand, people throughout the nation voted for the idea of a change and it surprised me.”

The veteran North Hudson politician further stated that “deep-seated anger at the current conditions in this country” swayed voters to Trump, a billionaire business tycoon, former reality TV host and WWE Hall of Famer that has no political experience.

“People believed what he was saying, he voted there and this is a peaceful resolution, a revolution, that’s what this great democracy is. It caught us flat but now we have a new president and the burden is on him to move this country forward.”

In New Jersey, Trump’s victory raises questions about what’s next in Drumthwacket: given that Christie is the leader of the president-elect’s transition team.

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) has already said she is ready to lead the state in the event Christie takes a gig at the White House, though Sacco doesn’t see that happening right now.

Of course, that decision ultimately lies with Donald Trump.

“I don’t anticipate him leaving the governorship right now, but you never know. It would give Kim Guadagno like … a little bit of a lead and the Republican party as the acting, as the governor, if he did leave,” Sacco rationalized.

“But I believe that the Democrats are certainly well ready for the task and I think we’re gonna see a change in the party leadership and we’re gonna see Phil Murphy become the next governor. What Chris Christie does, that will be up to Donald Trump,” citing the governor’s 20-percent approval rating as a likely factor in the decision-making process.

Sacco and the Hudson County Democratic Organization have already been outspoken in throwing their support behind Phil Murphy for the Democratic gubernatorial primary in June 2017.

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