Sacco expresses pride in North Bergen police when addressing ‘senseless’ George Floyd murder


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco expressed pride in the local police when addressing the “senseless” murder of George Floyd earlier today.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

” … Mr. Floyd’s murder was a senseless, unnecessary event that never should have happened, and it’s a stark reminder of the work that still must be done across our country to tackle institutional racism,” Sacco said in a statement.

“No place is perfect in this regard, and North Bergen is no exception … I take a particular amount of pride in our North Bergen Police Department, which has made extraordinary strides in recent years to become more diverse and to work hard every day to strengthen its relationships with our residents.”

He also commended the NBPD for engaging in community events, using technology, and using de-escalation tactics in tense situations.

Sacco, also the state senator of the 32nd Legislative District, added that unity will be the only way to get through this arduous time.

“We can’t let the raw anger that so many justifiably feel right now destroy any chance at progress. We need to come together for our country and for our future.”

A protest over Floyd’s death is tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 3 p.m. at James J. Braddock Park.

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