Acts of violence ‘dilute the message’ George Floyd protests should be sending, WNY mayor says


Acts of violence “COMPLETELY & ABSOLUTELY dilutes the message of positive change and reform” that should be evident from George Floyd protest, West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said.

Photo courtesy of the Town of West New York.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We stand before you here today in the name of solidarity. George Floyd’s death, which earlier today was declared a homicide, is beyond a tragedy. It is a gruesome reminder that we, as Americans, as human beings, can NO longer continue to overlook, minimize or deny that there IS a problem in America,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

“Our thoughts, prayers, and respect go out not only to George Floyd and his family but to all those who tragically came before him.”

Rodriguez also offered praise for the West New York Police Department, but stressed that anger should be directed to make social change and reform, not violence.

Therefore, while he advocates for protest, he is adamant that anyone who engages in this demonstration must keep it peaceful.

“Only through planning organizing and peaceful demonstration will an agenda truly gain the momentum it needs to make this vital social change IN our country. The violence will not end if we continue to manifest our anger our desire for this change THROUGH the very same violence that we condemn,” Rodriguez continued.

“Acts of violence, be it as a result of police brutality or the criminality exhibited by looters COMPLETELY & ABSOLUTELY dilutes the message of positive change and reform. It drowns out that narrative and buries it the deep into the ground. Buried in the ground like the many who have lost their lives as a result of it.”

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