Roque files order to show cause to get recount underway in West New York race


While Felix Roque may only have a few days left as West New York mayor, he’s certainly not going away without a fight, filing an order to show cause yesterday to get a recount underway for the May 14th municipal elections.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The order, filed by Englewood Cliffs-based personal injury attorney Gregg Paster on Roque’s behalf just before 3 p.m. on Friday, allows for a recount of all ballots, an examination of all voting machines and for expert witnesses to be able to examine all “election materials,” according to a copy of the order.

NJ Globe first made mention that Roque had filed the order late last night.

On Wednesday, Roque told HCV that he found the election results, where his “New Beginnings West New York” opponents pulled off a clean sweep, “dramatically inconsistent” with his campaign data and therefore he was considering a formal challenge.

Roque, who called a 3-to-1 blowout victory for his team on Election Day, finished in 6th place, which initially looked like 656 votes behind Commissioner-elect Yoleisy Yanez.

After tallying absentee and vote-by-mail ballots, that number increased slightly to 674 votes.

According to Roque’s legal challenge, the provisional ballots were yet to be tallied as of Friday evening.

In the commissioner form of government, the five highest vote getters earn a commissioner seat and then decide amongst themselves who will be mayor.

Public Safety Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez, who ran as Roque’s chief opposition, scored 3,682 votes, just behind running mate and fellow Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo, who received 3,702 votes, according to the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

The third incumbent on their ticket, Margarita Guzman, secured 3,584 votes, with first time candidates Victor Barrera and Yanez totaling 3,503 and 3,454 votes, respectively, based on tallies from the county clerk’s office.

Barring an incredible set of unforeseen events,  the West New York Board of Commissioners meeting is set to take place at Town Hall, 428 60th St., Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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  1. LOSER!!!

    Dr Felix Roque (ex-Mayor) Can’t face the fact that all the kickbacks and rackets are not his and his pals to take anymore.

    Felix go quietly or the audits and exposure will get someone tied to you a jail sentence.

  2. Roque you lost you were the worst Mayor ever and now you can’t stand it that you LOST. Take your ego and your pride and hide them where the Sun don’t shine and get the Hell out of West New York we the people don’t want you or your nepotism anymore! Don’t forget to take your puppet lap dog director with you. Your made for each other both of you are without souls!!!!

  3. I am 100% confident and positive that ” ALBIO SIRES ” had those voting machines tampered with . I know ALBIO since he was in Memorial High School as a teacher. He is as crooked as they come. My understanding is that 20 votes were added to each voting machine for each member of column A causing the landslide victory for G-ROD. While I despise all of them the truth must be told.

  4. Mayor Roque,

    When you pay a polling firm or such individuals to tell you what you want to hear, you get exactly what you paid for. Furthermore, only relying on the evidence of your supporters’ enthusiasm for your candidacy for re-election, and not honestly assessing the strengths of your opponents’ committment to change does not serve your best interests.

    In 1993, in the only Recall Election West New York ever had, Mayor Anthony DeFino’s running mate, Commissioner Luis Suarez earned the fifth and final commissioner seat with 4,201 votes. Opposition Candidate Albio Sires finished in sixth place with 4,087 votes, 114 votes behind Commissioner Suarez. Mr. Sires vowed to return in 1995 (and he did, and he won.) But he respected the will of the People Who Voted in 1993.

    In 2011, Mayor Vega finished within 80 votes of Commissioner-Elect Ruben Vargas. He accepted the will of the People who voted in 2011.

    Mayor Roque, you finished in sixth place, 674 votes behind Commissioner-Elect Yoleisy Yanez. For your own legacy, and for the legacy of Our West New York, do the right thing, Sir. Introduce the next Mayor of West New York, Gabriel Rodriguez Tuesday night, in front of City Hall.

  5. Why is anyone surprised that Roque is doing this? The control freak cannot relinquish control.
    Roque, why did you never ask for a recount when you won, and when your Board of Ed candidates won in 2017 with more mail-in votes than were had in the Presidential election in 2016?
    Why don’t you go to Washington and get a job in the current corrupt disgraceful administration? You would fit right in there and you would be close to your role model whom you undoubtedly admire, and whom I’m sure you voted for.
    It’s really too bad you don’t have an ounce of dignity and cannot lose with class.
    The people have spoken. We don’t want you here. Please just go away.