Romano on Hoboken mayor’s race: ‘We have a chance to grab the brass ring’


Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) rallied a group of supporters to get involved in the mayor’s race during a fundraiser last night, telling them “we have a chance to grab the brass ring.” 


“As Pablo said, we’re here, we’re 28 days out, and we have a chance to grab the brass ring. I was in a debate today with the other mayoral candidates and it’s intense, to say the least,” Romano said in front of a room of about 85 people at The Shepherd & the Knucklehead.

“We have to get to the finish line. We need messengers, we need volunteers, we need drivers with vehicles the day of the election: we need everyone’s help to make this happen.”

Romano appeared cautiously optimistic, a reasonable demeanor given the six-person race that includes three other elected officials and no incumbent – not to mention an escalating blood feud with 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco.

While it feels like anybody’s ball game less than a month out, the retired police captain’s running mates seemed to like their chances and feel confident in Romano’s leadership.

“I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I’ve lived in Hoboken for 10 years now and I could not be more honored to be on Anthony Romano’s slate,” said Councilwoman-at-Large candidate Laini Hammond.

“We moved here because this was a great place, a vibrant place we want to live in and it’s really caused me a lot of distress: we’ve got some great things done in the last eight years, we’ve also seen divides and we’ve seen people not representing all of Hoboken,” added Councilman-at-Large Dave Mello, who said Romano is known for bringing people together.

Charles “Buddy” Matthews, a popular retired coach in Hoboken, stressed the need to continuing to help people, a sentiment that echoes throughout team Romano.

Again reflecting on a debate from earlier in the day, Romano recalled what he wanted to see the thoroughfares of Hoboken, particularly Washington Street, look like.

“When I go up at the top of the viaduct and I get to Palisades Avenue, I look down at Mayor [Brian] Stack’s city and I see clean streets, paved streets, well-lit streets: that’s what we deserve and should have in Hoboken and we’ll work to get that done.”

While Romano and Stack, also the state Senator of the 33rd Legislative District, had a major failing out early in the campaign season, the Hoboken mayoral hopeful has remained cordial and taken the high road when speaking about the North Hudson power broker.

The Hoboken municipal elections are on November 7th.

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  1. Yes, Brian Stack’s parks and environmental services is a role model for the Cities of JC and Hoboken’s (under Zimeer-Grossbard) lame shucking of essential services. Hudson County has been always on top of Columbus Park so much so that Team Zimmer uses the County park as a back drop in their campaign advertising.

    • MTB i thought this leftist dictador was also suppose to represent Hoboken and parts of Jersey City. Hasn`t done anything to benefit your city and never will. Great example why dual job holding doesn`t work, if Stevie girl in J.C and and your next mayor would grow some conjones and endorse someone else than maybe you might see better results

  2. Boy oh boy!
    Ravi Super fan Grafix Avenger is really going after her old friends in sick and twisted ways.

    After this is over, she probably will have to move

    Maybe she and the Bajardis can share a U-Haul?

    • Dear reader, you will be told throughout this website how awful this person and her blog is. But for political reasons you will never be told where to find it. They fear you might reach a different conclusion on your own. Here’s the link. Decide for yourself. Don’t let agenda-driven commenters decide for you. Good luck.

    • If Tony ever does make good on all his legal threats, the discovery backfire will be so juicy, it’ll make Lane’s pajamas e-mails look like an air-duct cleaning manual. Can’t wait to hear him on the hot seat!

      Maybe the u-haul will be at the Skyline?

  3. A friend told me she overheard a couple of political types talking about how DeFusco people were looking for better place to land. They said Raia met with Fisher and Giattino at the coach house diner to work out a deal.

    Im not sure I believe it. It seems like an unlikely combo given Fisher and Fallick’s supposed hatred of paid for votes but some people’s ethics are flexible.

    Let the games begin.

  4. On a recent thread on smear website Grafix Avenger people who were named and singled out for being single were personally attacked by being named to a “celibacy club”.

    Another divide and conquer strategy by Team Bhalla? Seems like a losing strategy to alienate single voters. Or maybe it’s just those that don’t want to go along with Zimmer’s spineless, Backroom coronation?

    It would appear that some of the Ravi Bhalla crew are a bunch of demented freaks obsessed with other people’s sex lives. Or is that just Pinkers herself frustrated by the fact she is losing out to Japanese Anime Porn in her own home life? I don’t know and I don’t care but perhaps her child would be better off raised by wolves.

    Time to move back to the issues but my advice is to not give one click to a sychophant and vitriolic person who has no shred of reality or integrity left. Boycott Grafix Avenger for the nattering nebob of negativism she is.

    • Dear reader, you will be told throughout this website how awful this person and her blog is. But for political reasons you will never be told where to find it. They fear you might reach a different conclusion on your own. Here’s the link. Decide for yourself. Don’t let agenda-driven commenters decide for you. Good luck.

    • NHSA Commissioner Kurt Gardiner a.k.a. “Breeders4Bhalla”

      Funny, my site wasn’t a “smear website” when it advocated for you in your various political endeavors, such as your run for Hoboken Freeholder. It wasn’t a “smear website” when it endorsed you for the NHSA.

      In fact, folks. Kurt Gardiner began a campaign of harassment by text, attacking my First Amendment right to advocate for the candidate I am supporting, Ravi Bhalla. Kurt Gardiner made distasteful Sikh puns, was abusive, and ended his last text with “I’ll be watching you.” If Kurt Gardiner disputes any of this, I will publish them all.

      In fact, Kurt Gardiner posted a photoshop of me as a sex toy (blow up doll) labeled with my name, next to the mayor’s husband. On MSV. He was pleased with his handiwork. So pleased, that when I replied that his image was deviant and disgusting, he posted another identical image, with a different caption. So, all in all, Kurt Gardiner has initiated a campaign of harassment and indecency against me personally offline and online. The fact that he posted the comment I am responding to now, is part and parcel of his bizarre, obsessive campaign. I on the other hand, do not want any communication at all with him or about him. If people are commenting about Kurt in a manner which offends him, he is only reaping what he has sown

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      • Dear Demented and Deranged Nancy Pincus-

        Stop with the false narratives. We did have a private text exchange where you fed me a big lie over and over again about a fake Facebook endorsement that was posted and withdrawn but never was reposted. It still has not. And from time to time I would ask you the status of endorsement that never came because you are simply a shill for Team Ravi and do not check facts before publishing.

        In that private exchange I did in fact use a pun that you shared with other posters and I did not write that publicly. The pun does not make me a racist but I knew you would try and make it so because that is part of the divisive Bhalla campaign strategy you have bought into. I used it as a test to prove you were feeding narratives and our private conversations to your commenters and you took the bait.

        It is a simple fact that I am far more strategic than you could ever be. That confirms to me that you and some of the commenters are to some extent in cahoots. The ‘watching you’ reference was about your website content and not you personally and it is from a Police Song. Get some culture. Stop the insane paranoia please.

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        Keep up the good work. I’ll bet Ravi loses some voters with that celibacy club reference. You really know how to win them over.

        You are the initiator. Get it straight.

    • Bhalla Team should talk, Ravi’s culture is an arranged marriage Caste system where children can not marry who they chose, but are introduced by parents to their future brides who must be the same “class” of wealth as the groom.
      Ravi talks about LGBTQ support but will he marry a same sex sikh couple or any same sex couple if he’s elected?

      • Looks like someone went there?
        Welcome to the Club Ravi. They’ve been attacking Mike’s personal life for months. It was awful then, it’s awful now.

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