Report: Feds preparing corruption charges against U.S. Senator Robert Menendez


The United States Department of Justice is preparing corruption charges against U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), for allegedly using his office to push the business interests of a campaign donor/friend, according to a report by CNN. 

Robert Menendez

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Citing anonymous sources briefed on the case, CNN reports that “Attorney General Eric Holder has signed off on a prosecutor’s request to proceed with charges.”

The charges allegedly revolve around Menendez’s relationship with Florida doctor Salomon Melgen, partially centering on 2010 trips he made to a mansion owned by Melgen in the Dominican Republic.

Menendez paid back $58,000 to Melgen in flight expenses in 2013, though has remained staunch in his stance that he has not committed any wrongdoing in the situation.

Last week, NJ Advance Media reported that a legislative assistant and former chief counsel were trying to avoid testifying in a federal grand jury probe of Menendez by citing the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause – which  “only allow senators to be questioned about legislative acts on the Senate floor.”

Following claims that Menendez had sexual relations with prostitutes while at Melgen’s mansion in late 2012, the FBI raided Melgen’s Florida office in October 2013, per CNN.

In July of last year, Menendez, whose parents were born and raised in Cuba, told The Washington Post that the U.S. Department of Justice should investigate the Cuban government for orchestrating a smear campaign against him in the form of the sex scandal prior to his 2012 re-election campaign.

A spokesman for Menendez did not immediately return a call or voicemail seeking comment from Hudson County View, but this story will be updated in the event comment is given.

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  1. Selective prosecution…The charges may in fact be true…none the less I believe the real agenda here is to punish a critic ie, enemy. We know that Fidel was one of O’s college heroes & opening an embassy so he can have a cigar w/him before he dies was one of O’s great college dreams! 🙁 I guess this is just O’s way of telling Bob Menendez…”U on the wrong side of history, man!” 🙂

    • Garry here is a script from the FBI about Bobby. Do you have a young daughter ???… John may not being doing his homework but I am. Why would Obama make these claims ?… Read below .

      The FBI is declining to comment on newly emerged documents that appear to show the agency investigating allegations that Sen. Bob Menendez “received the services of young prostitutes” while in the Dominican Republic — a charge the senator’s office has rejected for months.

    • The incidents reportedly involved at least one underage girl. In one of the emails, the source tells the agent he’s passing a note from one of the girls who “participated in the private activities with the Senator Bob Menendez.”

  2. Looks like Albio Sires might get that Senate seat he has been wanting for a long time !… And who knows, Mayor Felix Roque might be the new Congressman ?… You heard it here first. New Jersey’s finest.

  3. Ladies and gentleman it is no secret that the Honorable Robert Menendez is and has been a dear friend for over 20 years. However today I do not speak only as a friend, but I do so as a member of the Community of West New York and as a resident of the great state of New Jersey. It is my honor and my privilege to have an honorable man like United States Senator Robert Menendez represent me as my United States Senator. Shame on the Justice Department for attempting to shame a man who does not deserve to be treated in this fashion, when they should be going after the true corruption in our government. I stand by my senator United States Senator Robert Menendez.

    Ralph Martell

    • Mr. Martell and one last message for you since this is not my channel. I will go on my YOUTUBE Channel with over 9,500 followers and rip Bobby for the child molester that he is having sex with 16 year old girls. Not on my tax dollars or my parents tax dollars !…This is not my site and it has censorship, but my YOUTUBE Channel can’t be touched by Federal Law . I belong to a group that has a saying ” We do not forgive , We do not forget “… I suggest you get on the right side of history….

  4. Mr. Martell , I guess you consider an old man like Bob M. to travel aboard and have sex with 16 year old girls just fine and dandy right ?…This is coming right from the FBI 4 years ago when Obama was barely president. And after seeing your outburst caught on video the other day you lost all credibility if you had any. I truly believe you are the ” ANTI CHRIST ” hiding behind the word ” GOD ” just like Felix The Crook Roque does . Don’t worry I got a lot of dirt I have yet to unleash in public. Like you said , let the WAR begin.. :))

  5. Sir, with all due respect, you can do as you like. The sad part is, you actually think your opinion matters, to anyone but you. I am Cuban, as such I respect your right to express your self, I just do not value it.

    In my opinion you are a small man on a soap box, ranting away. Well enjoy your moment, I am sure you need these moments to give some value to your otherwise worthless existence.

    Therefore, please feel free to attack my views, and my positions, I can always use a good laugh.

  6. I’m a Democrat but I have to say again and again there have been questions about Robert Menendez’s behavior and ethics. Just look at the record going back to his tenure as a protege for Union City leader William Musto, who he eventually testified against in an explosive corruption trial. He admitted signing phony change orders, though his testimony took Musto and others down.

    Then there were questions about Menendez when he was a Congressman. Remember that Chris Christie announced an investigation against Menendez in 2006, with a subpoena issued during the campaign. The person Menendez backed as Christie’s replacement ended up canning the investigation, but you have to ask, why do corruption allegations keep coming up around this man?

    I’m not saying Menendez is guilty of the allegations, but this is not an isolated issue. People can blame the Obama administration or Christie’s ambition in 2006, but corruption has repeatedly swirled around Menendez’s name and career. I voted against Kean in 2006, but if I could take back that vote, I probably would because other than supporting the two newest Supreme Court justices, and voting for the ACA, Menendez has been pretty disappointing as a US Senator for New Jersey.

  7. Dirty Menendez and his cohort HC leaders made you very rich Mr Martell. Can’t deny that can you? All these crimes come with the same money. Like yours.

  8. Ladies and gents, I am very blessed. However, ï have earned every penny working in the private sector. As everyone knows, I am a Senior Vice President at a security firm with over one thousand employees.

    I support Senator Menendez, because he is my friend, not because he has ever done anything for me or my family. You see, I never needed politicians to make a leaving. I never did, as I actually work very hard, thus I do not need anything from anyone.

    It is that freedom that allows me to say and do what I chose, and to support anyone I want. I do not care what anyone says, or thinks, I do what I want and say what I want, and respect others opinions. I do so, and do so without questioning their motives.

    When you work hard, you do not have to give a dam about others opinions.

  9. Mr Politico: Stop pretending to be an intellectual when you are is simply a man who does not provide for his daughter; do we need to show that you pay no child support for your daughter? Stop attacking Mr. Martell (who does not care a thing about you). Show the mother of your daughter you are a man the day you have a second job to provide for your daughter, until then you are just a loser whose only way to become “relevant” is by attacking the honor of decent men such as Mr. Martell.
    Has Ralph and Wiley offered you a job in town when they win the election? Are you friends with Mr. Leung now–after you trashed the Waterfront? You are only but a big loser. Grow up kid, get a second job, and start saving for your golden years. Until then, you are nothing but a bully.

  10. ExWifeinNeed, as a man who’s father was no good, and was raised by a great mother who had to struggle to feed my sister and I, please know you can count on me. I you wish I can get you a lawyer to sue for Child Support at no cost to you. It will be a gift from my wife and I to you and your child.