Report: Cunningham asked for Jersey City public safety director to come to scene prior to DWI arrest


State Senator Sandra Cunningham (D-31) twice asked Jersey City Public Safety James Shea to come to the scene after she hit two parked cars back in March and ended up being charged with drunk driving, according to police body camera footage published by The Record.

Screenshot via The Record embedded video.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Ma’am: I need you to stand with your right foot in front of your left foot,” a Jersey City police officer tells Cunningham, which was recorded by his body camera.

“Can I ask a question?,” she responds, which the officer obliges.

“I want to know where [Public Safety] Director [James] Shea is,” she replies.

“What does Director Shea have to do with anything right now?,” the officer responds.

“Because I can see you’re looking for something that isn’t there,” answered Cunningham.

The officer says that Shea has “zero” to do with the traffic stop and proceeds to ask the state senator to take a field sobriety test, which she refuses, stating that she’s feeling ill and would like to get medical attention before being handcuffed and arrested, the police body camera footage uploaded by The Record shows.

“This was a serious accident, which resulted in Senator Cunningham’s request for medical assistance. We have obviously entered a not guilty plea,” Michael Rubas, Cunningham’s attorney in the matter, said in an email today.

Cunningham’s case is scheduled to be heard by Bergen County Superior Court on Thursday.

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    • If she had killed your family while she was drunk driving, would you be so quick to say she’s doing a great job, and to “ stand tall”? You Demon-crats are evil and pathetic.

  1. Sorry to say send it or no senator is unacceptable you hit your car’s you’re responsible for it to get caught you got to pay the penalty you do the crime you got to do it at I’m just like me and I’m a soldier I have no higher authority get me out you shouldn’t need it after all the streets in Jersey City or unsafe as it is people going to stop signs I’ve been complaining that James Shane he’s been doing nothing