Protesters condemn Horizon in midst of court action against Bayonne doctor


A Bayonne doctor who is under review from the state medical board for his practices related to distributing HGH and anabolic steroids saw a ton of support from patients who protested Horizon insurance prior to his civil court hearing this morning. 


An interim consent order dated August 31, 2015 by the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners attempted to temporarily suspend McGee’s medical license on malpractice and misconduct charges related to distributing human growth hormone and anabolic steroids.

But rather than a suspension, the board ordered McGee to cease and desist prescribing all controlled dangerous substances, including HGH and steroids, for any reason. He will also undergo “a full evaluation and assessment of his general medical knowledge and skills.”

When questioned about the situation by Hudson County View, McGee, whose medical office is on John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne, acknowledged that male hormone therapy is part of his practice – but said HGH and testosterone replacement therapy are safe and effective when used properly.

Furthermore, McGee had a civil court matter with Horizon inside the Brennan Court House, specifically in front of Hudson County Superior Court Judge Joseph A. Turula where at least 50 protesters showed up.

Unfortunately, Turula denied our court request to film the proceeding – despite receiving approval from Assignment Court Judge Peter Bariso – since he did not want any other “distractions” in an already full court room, adding that he did not want any members of his staff photographed.

Thomas Vincz, the public relations manager for Horizon, responded to the situation in an email which says:

“Horizon BCBSNJ has an active complaint against Dr. McGee for fraudulent billing practices, and the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners has sought to suspend Dr. McGee’s license to practice medicine for engaging in professional misconduct over his dispensing practices.”

“These are extremely serious matters and Horizon BCBSNJ ‘s efforts reflect the company’s commitment to protect its members from fraud and abuse and hold the providers who serve them to the highest of ethical standards.”

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  1. Do the people protesting look like anabolic steroid users ? Does anyone really believe that Horizon Blue Cross is interested in the welfare of its beneficiaries ? I have a bridge to sell anyone who believes that. Horizon is a multi-billion dollar business who cares about its bottom line and not people. Blue Cross does not protect the public interest and are a self-serving goliath who have eliminated Catholic Hospitals from its new Ommnia Network. Big businesses like Horizon are driving up healthcare costs by paying its president, Robert Marino 10 million dollars in compensation per year.

  2. Now every county I was ever stationed in had National Healthcare. Without it, the system gets overburden & busted by the sick. The sick pay for the sick. Well really the system will pass the expense off to you. Every single nation we send foreign aid to has National Healthcare as well. This should be illegal. I like Horizion Blue because it’s a not for profit, no shareholders. The last thing working folks need is to be sharing savings or healthcare money with shareholders. Now when I was visiting family in Northern Ireland, they all had the National Health Service, but they went through private plans at work with mutual or not for profit healthcare companies.. Only 2 of the 22 family that came out to see us were using the government healthcare and frankly you have to wait in line. With Obama Care no one can afford to use it. You pay the company every month, then you have the deductible. So folks can’t afford to use the healthcare they purchase. The Democrats really folded on the public option.