Prosecutor: Bayonne man convicted of performing sex acts on 10-year-old girl


A Hudson County Superior Court jury convicted a Bayonne man of performing sex acts on a 10-year-old girl back in 2014, Prosecutor Esther Suarez announced. Hudson County Superior Court

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On Thursday, September 21, Carlos E. Santos was found guilty of second-degree sexual assault and third-degree endangering the welfare of a child, Suarez said in a statement.

Santos, 29, was a resident of Bayonne at the time of his arrest. The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit initially arrested and charged Santos on August 4, 2014, authorities said. As a result, he has been in jail since October 20, 2015.

According to court testimony, on the night of June 14, 2014, Santos went to the Bayonne home of his son’s aunt. While at the home, Santos performed sex acts upon a 10-year-old girl, officials said.

Judge Mark J. Nelson, J.S.C. presided over the trial and is scheduled to sentence
Santos on December 8, authorities said.

Santos faces up to 10 years imprisonment on the sexual assault by contact charge and will have to serve 85 percent of any sentence imposed without the possibility of parole.

The conviction will also subject the defendant to Megan’s Law and Parole Supervision for
Life. The jury also found the defendant not guilty of first-degree Aggravated Sexual Assault.

The state was represented by Assistant Prosecutor Linda Claude-Oben.

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  1. know the story before you judge ! this little girl is my niece and she lied ! i’m boy with him and i raised my niece but she lied on the stand ! i’m done so before you judge know the story !

    • The story remains that you would have to be a sick individual to say that’s family and protect a person that’s a sick in the head to not only abuse your niece but two other children! It’s sad that you would even come on here and say your niece is lying when the whole family knows he did! All these women out here he can mess with but he prefers young children! You need help if u think that she lied and he has two other cases!! He should have gotten more time then that! Sad choices he mad and you as well!! You need Psychiatric help it could of been your children he did this to!! Ugh goodbye

  2. The mental gymnastics someone would have to do to defend that man. Calling your niece a liar is sick and she wasn’t even the only victim. Instead of being a support to your family your out here talking about a little girl your suppose to love and protect. I guess the truth doesn’t serve you so you choose to deny it regardless of who you hurt.

  3. For a person who has been put in this situation before (myself) being raped by my sister’s father at the age of 10, i lost my virginity unwilling thats something that scares my mind every fuckin day of living, I’m 29yrs old and seen this man 2 yrs ago during the pregnancy of my last child, i got in my car started the engine and if it weren’t for my god and fiance i would be in jail for murder. He would be dead under my truck. When listening to this specific case it hits hard home for me. Being held gun point, in the privacy of my home i once thought was safe, i use to give my mom signs that i didn’t want to stay i couldn’t tell because i would be dead, there wasn’t much”police protection ” around for the fear and pain i felt. I say that to say this. My mother didn’t protect me from the company she kept in her home, the mother of the child in this case has multi sugar daddies n men in and out her house, she has a new 1 as well during this case who fucks, n gives her money in her own home, actually the man who took stand during this case was one who was there that night during the accusing, growing up with that lil girl the case all i heard is how sexy she is, look at my daughters body, as she grows up coming from her mother, (such words for a little girl) and this is facts. maybe that attention called the wrong crowd. Carlos was there to see his son, the other man was there to see ……. hmmmmmm… caught on yet,The mother also found out about the little girl during this case that she had a lil boyfriend she was sneaking around in her home so she left her job in fear that innocent child was up to no good. See its easy to look outside in. When you have no idea what kind of circus is behind closed doors. Im not pointing fingers on who’s guilty, and whos innocent, but please don’t post this dumb shit half ass story on a man like he’s a monster when sometimes it’s the monster within ourselves thats not being checked. There was a child smiling on the stand playing with fuckin dolls saying someone touched her. Na sweet heart you were misguided your entire life thinking what your doing is ok. She was exposed to early sexual acts from the beginning. There’s a bigger problem that we have than taking 1 man down. It’s the home period, and please don’t say im crazy I’ve lived in that home and seen the bullshit. and I’ve walked in that dark shadow. This case is bull****. ✌

    • Wow reading this paragraph saddens me of how can u sit here and write all this!! It’s sad that not only as an aunt you have your friend talking on here about all your business (sad choices) so my question to you is do u think because it was family that it shouldn’t be aired out what your baby father did to your niece ? I’m confused! Do you think that it was ok for this sick individual to do that to three children because of how you were raised in a household? It seems to me from reading this nonsense that you wrote is that you wanted the Lil girl to be quiet because you all were quiet of fear at the time this was happening to you and it was never reported! This is a real world we live in no child should be afraid of telling there mother that they have been touched at all it doesn’t matter who it is whether is a Mother father uncle nephew niece neighbor and fucking body!! You couldn’t of been my family member at all doing this on social network! You would really be dead to me! Family stick together but I guess dick no wait baby daddy matters! If I were your niece I wouldn’t ever forgive you at all!! God says forgive and don’t forget but this right here puts a whole other type of icing on the cake! You should be ashamed of yourself!! Baby daddy got convicted at the end of the day whether you like it or not and it wasn’t because of him being cute it was for him being a CHILD MOLESTER and justice was served!!! my opinion he should have gotten more time lol but hey karma is a BITCH and I’m sure he will be somebody BITCH in there

  4. You know…. as the mother this child, I’ve had time to think about the situation we have here and quite frankly there isn’t really a situation. There is a very sick man in Jail Thanks to the support and hard work of the Hudson County procecutors Office, believing in my daughter and advocating for her as any good mother would do, and most importantly my daughters bravery for standing up for what was right. She is the light and voice that is going to shine and speak for all the little girls he hurt. As far as the rest goes it’s all petty and childish. Angelic, I understand that this was the father of your child ( my beloved nephew) and I could only imagine how hard it is to cope with the reality of the situation but instead of dealing with it and facing reality you chose to betray your sister and your niece for the people who finantially support you which are his parents. You and your best friend jessica can sit there and try to slander our names all you want If it helps you feel better. In the end you will reap what you sow. Justice has been served, I wish you well.

    Ps. Just a message for all parents who have been through the same situation. Please believe in your children. Stand up and fight for them. If not you than who? There is going to be a rough road ahead but There is always sunshine after its rains no matter how long or how severe the storm bay be. It gets easier and you WILL all make it through.

  5. Yessie it has nothing to do with slandering your name n kids name. First off u stop with this holy thou Angel shit u got going. U could fool ppl but you can’t fool me, remember i been around u. lived with u remember u did nothing but talk shit about me to ppl who once were my friends, all Angie and i try to do is help u while u helped us. but you know right is right wrong is wrong, i don’t think its right and anyone can correct me if I’m wrong there were 2 men in that that home that day. You had men around them girls am i lying no! Why only your sisters man getting a finger pointed at him. Sounds like u don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Than you threaten my best friend your sister that she’s in a body bag if u see her. Really that strong feeling about her and her opinion but not strong enough to keep these men from around ur daughters for a quick buck, and or block out every man who could have done this. This is why I’m mad. If he did he did, if Adam did he did, if andres did he did, if the new 1 there did he did idc who did but if u protect 1 that has me have a strong opinion against u and any other person on this post. Once again they say dont bite the hand that feeds u i guess. And as for carlos may justice be served not in this life time but the next for these bitches can’t fuck ur way into heaven. Angie you go about ur business don’t let anyone make u feel any less than a mother, you been doing it and always will jealousy and hate comes with success your doing something right if they try to knock u down. I seen all this inside n out. Pitty parties don’t last long.

  6. My Facebook is pito Paneto send me a DM to anyone that wants to handle this like grown men and women if you think my baby Neice lied on that stand…..I have 2 correctional officer friends that I and Carlos went to high school with that questioned him after he got sentences and he admitted this situation to them …They promised to put him in protective custody for the rest of his 2 nd case that he is fighting if he told them if he did it or not who lieing now ….. and I’m pretty sure he’s going to get taken care of the way real man take care of things …. for any female or male to get on here say that a little girl lied about the situation even after they experienced this kind of situation as kids is just as fuck up as the person that was convicted …I would never question any of the females In my family if they came up to me and told me some shit like this I would just act upon it … don’t even respond to this message or don’t send me a DM if you’re not going to meet up with me in person that goes for anybody men and women …I’ll wait

  7. The mother of this child does have different people comin in and out granted!! But all this unbelievable stuff you people are posting is sad!! But then again if she would treat her daughter as a daughter and not a grown ass women dressing the way she dress her maybe men wouldn’t be looking at a 12 year old the way they do!! All these tight cloths this lil girl wears saddens and everyone see it!! Mom needs her child to act like a child and not an adult! Stop talking about your problems around your children! Stop talking about people that have helped you around your children Karma is biting you in the ass now! Wake up girl