Police: Three hospitalized after car accident leads to vehicle crashing into Hoboken restaurant


Three people were hospitalized after a car accident led to a vehicle crashing into the outside of a popular Hoboken restaurant yesterday, authorities said.

Photo courtesy of Garrett Roberts from GoRow Studios.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

An employee from the Riverfront Car Wash was, located at 1500 Willow Ave., was backing a car out onto the sidewalk yesterday when he struck a female employee, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante told HCV.

The driver proceeded onto Willow Avenue, where he struck a vehicle that was traveling north, forcing the second vehicle to drive into the outside of Orale Mexican Kitchen, located at 1426 Willow Ave., police said.

The restaurant only sustained minor brick damage and man who was driving the car out of the car wash did not sustain any injuries. Additionally, the female employee was taken to Hoboken University Medical Center with multiple, non-life threatening injuries, officials said.

Finally, the two occupants of the car that drove into Orale were taken to the Jersey City Medical Center to be treated with minor injuries, Ferrante said.

The police chief also said that more information on the incident will be available on Tuesday.

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  1. It is truly amazing to me, Tiffanie Fisher has a car go out of control and crash into a restaurant in her ward and all she tweets about is scooters. She is not only an airhead, but she is so lost when it comes to policy. She claims to be a wonk, but in reality she is just Bonkers.

    Between her support of defusco and Ramos combined with her lack of real understanding of what is going on in Hoboken, I have lost faith in someone I supported and voted for 3+ years ago. It’s time for a new voice in the 2nd Ward and that is why I will be supporting Nora for Council.

    • Go collect your Ravibot ribbon idiot. Save your moral preening for a different holiday weekend.
      These Ravibots are ravenous to demonstrate their scumbaggery for Dear Leader. Morons! 👆🏼

      • How do you post this kind of nonsense, which serves no purpose beyond showing what a complete doofus you are, while calling other people “idiots” and “morons?”

        I actually think it’s unfair to judge the candidacies of Fisher and company on the basis of the doofiness of some of their core supporters – all elected officials are supported by some embarrassing folks.

        But fair or not many will judge them by the company they keep. And to put it gently – the doofuses did not help Giattino in 2017 and they are not helping the Fisher/DeFusco ticket now.

  2. ^^^ This message brought to you by Ravi Bhalla, Nora DeBenidetto/Russo, The Nasty Crowley Shill and DOC hater and the hack from New England .
    Tifanny is gonna embarrass Nora the Bhalla/Russo candidate.

  3. Word is the Bhalla slate is in Chaos.
    Phil is their only hope. Turns out the yappy chihuahua of marineview is angry she has no funding, Cricco cant shake the family rap and Nora, well you know… Nora…

  4. the previous comments are a bit bizarre but yes i voted for tiffanie in the past but not voting for her again…she is somewhat out of touch and just some of things she has said at times is “trump” like…claims to listen to residents but in the end only listens to her own voice.