Police: NYC man commits suicide at Westview Towers in North Bergen


A New York City man committed suicide by jumping off the 8th floor of the Westview Towers complex in North Bergen last night, police said.


The 50-year-old man, who has not been identified, was visiting a friend that lived in the building and was “dealing with some personal issues” before the incident, according to Police Sgt. Bronson Jusino.

Jusino added that few other details were available other than the fact that no residents actually saw the man jump or were aware he planned on harming himself.

Westview Towers, located at 6115 Granton Ave., had a heavy presence from the North Bergen Police Department, a truck from North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue, North Bergen EMS and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Crime Scene Unit when Hudson County View arrived on the scene around 8:30 p.m.

Several residents of the building were also walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the building around that time, but they all either said they were unaware of what happened or declined to comment.

The incident marks the second suicide in Hudson County in the past five days, as only Hudson County View reported that a 77-year-old man committed suicide at Dennis P. Collins Park in Bayonne on Thursday.

A photo sent to Hudson County View moments after the incident can be viewed here, but viewer discretion is advised.

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  1. Whomever took this picture. Whomever posted the picture are sick and twisted. The lack of compassion, It’s certainly insensitive and immoral. Thos journalist and media outlet obviously have no journalistic standards or conscience.

  2. Your news tactics are deplorable! !! That is my best friends brother!!!!! And HOW DARE you tell them to “get a hold of yourself” when they asked you to remove this. And you argue saying how it’s news. Yes it is news but this was someone brother, son, uncle…I hope one day when you have something tragic in your family is blasted all over the Internet. Disgusting vultures!

    • Nobody from this outlet said anything close to “get a hold of yourself” in regards to this situation, nor did anyone start an argument over this topic. Sounds like someone is either giving you very bad secondhand information or you just made that up to try and prove a point. It’s a sad set of circumstance no one likes to see, but watch CNN, MSN, FOX or any major news outlet and tell me this is really something that is completely outside the norm.