Police: Man who tried to start Hoboken street fight caught with weed after resisting arrest


A Hoboken man who was bleeding from the head after trying to start a street fight outside a local bar made matters worse when he was combative with police, getting caught with a marijuana cigarette as he was being arrested, authorities said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Griffin Dorf, 23, of Englewood, was charged with aggravated assault, possession of a controlled dangerous substance (marijuana), and possession of CDS paraphernalia, according to Det. Lt. Edgardo Cruz.

On Sunday morning at approximately 1:33 a.m., Officer Anthony Olivera and Det. Paul Quinn were dispatched to the area of Texas Arizona on a report of a fight.

They arrived to find the defendant bleeding from the head. At this point, Officers Ricky Truppner and Daniel Grossi arrived to assist. The officers spoke to several people in the area who stated that Dorf fell to the ground after attempting to fight someone, officials said.

Afterwards, he was able to get up and then attempted to enter Texas Arizona which refused him entry.

The officers attempted to speak to the defendant and he was very uncooperative. He became combative with the other officers on scene, at one point grabbing Sgt. William Collins by the chest, prompting him to be placed under arrest for assault, officials said.

Dorf resisted the officer’s attempts to handcuff him by pulling his arms away as they attempted to handcuff him. He was eventually subdued and transported to headquarters for processing.

During the search he was found to be in his possession a marijuana cigarette, leading to the CDS charges. He was later released with a summons to appear in court, police said.

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