Police: Man charged with DUI in Jersey City after getting caught with beer in front seat


A man was charged with driving under the influence outside the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City after Port Authority police caught him with a can of beer in the front passenger seat, officials said. 

Ramon Santana


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Ramon Santana, 37, of Elizabeth, was charged with driving under the influence, driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance and reckless driving yesterday afternoon, according to Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo.

At around 4 p.m. yesterday, a Port Authority police officer pulled over a tan Mercdez-Benz after weaving in between lanes near Erie and 14th Streets in Jersey City, authorities said.

After Santana pulled over his vehicle, the officer noted that his eyes “were watery and bloodshot,” as well as the fact that a can of Budweiser, inside a cooler, was sitting on the front passenger seat in plain view, Pentangelo stated.

After failing three different field sobriety tests, Santana admitted to recently drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, later “alluded to having blacked out” during the incident while he was processed, police said.

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