Police: ‘Disoriented’ driver caught with .21 BAC, charged with DWI in Jersey City


A “disoriented” Pennsylvania man accused of weaving in and out of traffic near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City was charged with driving while intoxicated yesterday after being caught with a .21 blood alcohol content, police said.

Mick Julmice. Photo courtesy of Port Authority police.
Mick Julmice. Photo courtesy of Port Authority police.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Mick Julmice, 29, of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and possession of a contain of alcohol in an automobile, according to Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo.

At about 3:15 p.m. yesterday, a Port Authority police officer was on patrol in the Holland Tunnel and saw the suspect driving a 2015 Infiniti. The officer was in a marked patrol car behind the Infiniti and saw the suspect suddenly swerve crossing over the double solid line, officials said.

The officer noted the suspect continued weaving and other vehicles had to swerve and brake to avoid colliding with him. When Julmice exited the tunnel, his auto struck the median curb with its right front wheel, then ignoring instructions to pull over, authorities said.

Two additional police cars helped box in the suspect on 14 Street in Jersey City. When interviewing Julmice, officials noticed he appeared to be disoriented.

His eyes were red and glassy and a smell of alcohol was on his person. The suspect failed a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test, blowing a .21 – more than two times the legal limit – before being placed under arrest, police said.

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  1. Field sobriety test is illegal, as it is a medical test. Cop would need a n j medical license to administer, and even that, it must be in controlled setting. Prerequisite is determination of several disqualifying factors, such as patient,s back pains, or length of sitting position.

    First thing is to demand to see cop,s medical license beforehand, then refuse, and file
    Official misconduct charges against cop personally.

    Stupid press never questions the authority.

          • You missing the point here. Fst is used to justify breathalyzer afterward. In fact, it is as scientific and accurate as flipping a coin. And then, administered by a bimbo who likely was too stupid to graduate high school.

            Have you ever heard a cop determining disqualifying variables beforehand? Like weight of subject, number of hours in sitting position just prior, sugary beverages consumed, surface porosity, rain, wind? 1/3 of perfectly sober and fit drivers will fail by design. What kind of evidence and justice is it then?

            And don’t,t forget, this fraud is voluntary on part of a driver.

            No doubt, drunken drivers must be removed from roads, by why you want my rights being violated for no reason?

            Safety? What a lie! Drive along 1-9 north of tonnele and you will see at least 50 vehicles illegally parked on sidewalk, forcing people to walk in front of trucks? Where is capt. Martinez when we need him?

          • I get the point, safety and justice should always be paramount. But if you fail the breathalyzer, doesn’t seem like you have much of a defense from there regardless who your lawyer is. Yea, sometimes they aren’t calibrated properly and such but that is pretty rare.

    • Looks like we’ve got a bona fide con artist in the comments! What is this snake oil salesman trying to sell us? I just “bet” he’s got a side job selling phony medical licenses to crooked cops. Not a bad scheme… I’ll tell you what, “Name,” how about you give me a cut of the action and I don’t rat you out to the AG? There’s only one dope in the state dumb enough to mix his commas up with his apostrophes. I know who you are!

  2. I knew Mick in better times. He was a laugh back at Montclair. Always drank the most at the parties but always sober enough to drive home! Free Mick “Mickey Mouse” Julmice!