Police: Bayonne man caught stealing $4,360 worth of alcohol, snacks from golf club


A Bayonne man was caught stealing dozens of snacks, sports drinks and alcoholic beverages, valued at over $4,000, from the local golf club after a short investigation by authorities, police said. 

The Bayonne Golf Club. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

John Hyland, 47, of Bayonne, was charged with burglary, theft and possession of burglar’s tools, according to Police Lt. Eric Amato.

Yesterday at around 3:07 a.m., Hyland was arrested near the intersection of East 21st Street and Avenue E, authorities said.

While on patrol in the area of East 22nd Street and Avenue E, Officers Christopher DeNoble and Doaa Salama observed a vehicle, later determined to be operated by Hyland, traveling westbound on East 22nd Street, taking a dangerous, high speed turn onto Avenue E, nearly striking a parked vehicle, officials said.

As a result, the officers immediately conducted a motor vehicle stop and asked Hyland why he was driving erratically. During the stop, the officers determined that Hyland was an unlicensed driver and that the vehicle belonged to a family member, police said.

While Salama continued to speak with Hyland, DeNoble was able to observe, in plain view, several sealed, wholesale quantity cases of sports drinks, various plastic storage containers filled with large quantities of potato chips, a plastic container filled with a combination of sealed and opened liquor bottles, and several wicker baskets filled with food, authorities said.

Furthermore, the officers were able to observe several sandwiches packaged in cardboard boxes stamped with “Bayonne Golf Club” logos and several white plastic bags, also stamped with “Bayonne Golf Club” logos, containing cans of various brands of beer, officials said.

Police further observed that condensation had begun to form on the surfaces of the cans, indicating that they had recently been removed from refrigeration.

Additionally, on the rear seat, DeNoble was also able to observe a sealed 24 count case of Gatorade sports drinks with a delivery address label listing the Bayonne Golf Club as the recipient.

Authorities then asked Hyland where he had acquired the merchandise packed inside of his vehicle.

After Hyland was unable to provide the officers with a logical explanation, coupled with the golf club logos stamped on several items, the officers requested additional police units to respond to the Bayonne Golf Club to check for signs of a possible unlawful entry, police said.

While conducting a check of the golf club, backup officers observed a rear door leading to the golf course property to be ajar.

While these officers continued their search of the property, a security officer for the golf club was contacted and responded to the scene of the motor vehicle stop to confirm if the merchandise in Hyland’s vehicle belonged to the golf club, officials said.

Upon viewing the merchandise, the security officer was able to confirm that the merchandise had been stored in a refreshment structure located on the golf course, police said.

The security officer then responded to the golf club to assist the officers there with a more thorough search.

Upon arrival, he was able to confirm several points of forced entry to three doors leading onto the property.

Upon investigating the refreshment structure believed to be the structure from which the merchandise had been removed, they observed its interior to be ransacked and burglarized, authorities said.

From there, the security officer was able to identify and confirm that the items he observed in Hyland’s vehicle were removed from the refreshment structure. It was determined that the full retail value of the merchandise was $4,360.50, officials said.

Hyland was then placed under arrest.

While removing the stolen proceeds from the vehicle, DeNoble discovered instruments commonly used to commit a burglary. Hyland was also issued several motor vehicle summonses, police said.

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