Police: 3 sets of stolen car keys leads to 2 being charged with burglaries in Bayonne


Three sets of stolen car keys led to two people being charged with burglaries in Bayonne last week, Police Capt. Eric Amato said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Xzavier T. Harris-Williams, 21, of Jersey City, and John T. Wilson, of Bayonne, have each been charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of attempted burglary, Amato said in a statement.

Additionally, Harris Williams was charged with hindering apprehension.

Harris-Williams and Wilson were taken into custody at approximately 5:17 a.m. from the area of West 36th Street.

Officers responded to the area of West 36th Street on a report of two men, later identified as Harris-Williams and Wilson, attempting to break into parked vehicles.

As officers arrived on scene, they encountered Harris-Williams and Wilson who matched the description of the burglars provided by the caller and witnesses.

The on-scene investigation revealed that the two actors, positively identified by witnesses, had entered two parked vehicles and unsuccessfully attempted to enter an additional two vehicles. Both were placed under arrest and charged accordingly.

A search incident to Wilson’s arrest led to the recovery of a substantial amount of loose change and two sets of car keys: one for a Toyota and one for a Mitsubishi. He could offer any justifiable explanation for possessing the keys.

A search incident to Harris-Williams’ arrest also led to the recovery of a set of car keys belonging to an unknown make of a vehicle.

During the arrest process, Harris-Williams provided fraudulent pedigree information to arresting officers and was additionally charged with hindering apprehension.

While processing the arrests, a call was received by police dispatch reporting a motor vehicle theft from the area of New Street.

Officers, knowing that Wilson was found to be in possession of Mitsubishi car keys, responded to West 36th Street where Wilson was just arrested and used the Mitsubishi key to locate and access the stolen Mitsubishi.

Wilson was then additionally charged with receiving stolen property, authorities said.

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