Play! Hoboken owner Ian Rintel to run for 6th Ward council seat in November


Play! Hoboken owner Ian Rintel has announced that he’ll be seeking the 6th Ward council seat in the non-partisan November 7th races, claiming that he will adhere to a self-imposed $300 contribution limit throughout the campaign.

Hoboken 6th Ward council candidate Ian Rintel.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Rintel, who lost decisively in the 2021 council-at-large races, has lived in Hoboken since 1998 and has owned a business since 2002.

Play! Hoboken is located at 1012 Grand St., the Mile Square City establishment offers 17 pool tables, board games, table tennis, pinball machines, foosball, and five golf simulators. They also have a cafe that serves food and beverages.

“I am running for City Council, because I care about Hoboken and have the skills and motivation to make a positive difference as a city councilperson. I have a track record of getting difficult things done in Hoboken. These skills will be an asset to the Sixth Ward and the entire city of Hoboken,” he said in a statement.

“In my 25 years in Hoboken, progress has been painfully slow or stopped. I have watched petty squabbles and personal vendettas within our city government result in a frequent refusal to work together. This is a luxury a business owner cannot afford. Working with people I don’t get along with is practically my specialty!”

He continued that he will only be loyal to the constituents of the 6th Ward, willing to work with Mayor Ravi Bhalla when it benefits the city as a whole and willing to oppose them when it doesn’t.

“Campaigns are expensive. Candidates often take large donations resulting in the potential for quid pro quo between elected officials and their donors,” Rintel also said.

“To emphasize my commitment to my constituents, I have a self-imposed contribution limit far less than the legal limit and my suggested donation is only $18, an amount anyone can afford. As this is only a simple ward election: I encourage any opponents to do the same.”

He clarified with HCV that he won’t be accepting any donations above $300, but his early goal is to get a large number of $18 donations from 6th Ward residents.

For the time being, he is the only declared candidate in the 6th Ward, though incumbent Jen Giattino is widely expected to seek a fourth term, somewhat of a rarity in the Mile Square City, while Team Bhalla will inevitably support an opposition candidate.

As it stands today, only the 1st and 2nd Ward have contested races.

Paul Presinzano and Rafi Cordova, the chair of the Hoboken Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board who has the endorsement of the mayor, are running in the downtown race, while 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher has an opponent in attorney Marla Decker, who also has Bhalla’s support.

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    • Easy to do when his pals in the Zimmer Administration granted him zoning approvals for a kid gaming business in an old factory…. Was there any environmental testing or redevelopment givebacks ?
      This is the guy that supported the book banning BOE candidates

      No thanks to any Trumper

      • He did support the Moms of Liberty slate- as did a couple of Hoboken’s fake Dems (a GIANT ass, Councilwoman Fisher, Councilmen Ramos & DeFusco.)

        • and stopping a $250 million dollar monument to non-education? Reform never stood for such outrageous extravagant spending. Good Dems don’t back garbage.

  1. Same ole crones. Rintel with Jim Doyle/Bhalla boot lickers and paid off Zimmer. The Uneducated. This administration cost taxpayers millions in lawsuits. Bully, break down doors and get away with crimes with legal settlements. Mafia thugs still exist.