Play! Hoboken and Mile Square Theatre team up for 7th Inning Stretch showing on June 17


Play! Hoboken and Mile Square Theatre are teaming up for the 7th Inning Stretch showing on Saturday, June 17th, offering families who want to see the play an opportunity for their children to play and hang out with peers.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Parents who wish to see MST’s Seventh Inning Stretch may drop off their children at Play! Hoboken as early as 6 p.m. for an evening filled with organized activities including board games, foosball, pinball, and more.

Pizza and ice cream will be served. Children will meet new friends, try out new games, and have hours of uninterrupted fun. Pickup is any time before 10 p.m.

A bundle includes two show tickets and one child for a special price. Add additional siblings as needed. Those who already have show tickets may purchase “Kids Play” tickets individually (for their children).

Seventh Inning Stretch features seven never-before-performed baseball themed skits by seven up-and-coming playwrights.

Bundle tickets for “Kids Play” are $75 (two adult show tickets plus one child). Those already in possession of tickets for Seventh Inning Stretch may enroll a first child for just $35.

If you are a larger family team, additional children are only $25 each. Pizza, drinks and ice cream are included for an evening of fun and games.

Purchase at Contact Play! Hoboken or Mile Square Theatre,, for more information.

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