Parkinson & Diaz honored for service to West New York BOE ahead of municipal races


The West New York Board of Education honored President Adam Parkinson and Trustee Marielka Diaz for their service at their last meeting on Wednesday, resigning ahead of the non-partisan May 9th municipal elections.

Photo courtesy of Adam Parkinson.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Over the past years on the West New York Board of Education, I am proud that we have made significant improvements for the over 8,100 children of our school district. We became a high performing school district, all of our schools became Future Ready certified, Coviello Field was completely redone, we renovated Harry L. Bain School, expanded Memorial High School to include the freshman academy, we haven’t raised the local tax levy in years with help from the federal government, we expanded summer and after school programs, among many other successes,” Parkinson said.

“There’s still work left to do and I’m confident that this school board composition will continue to deliver for West New York schools. I’m proud of the work Marielka and I have done on this board working with our colleagues and administration.”

Parkinson was appointed at 18 years old in 2014, replacing then-Trustee Adrienne Sires, the wife of then-Congressman Albio Sires. Coincidentally, Parkinson and Diaz are now running for town commissioner on Albio Sires’ ticket.

The following year, Parkinson was elected vice president, and has been president since 2016.

Meanwhile, Diaz was first elected in 2019 alongside Parkinson and David Morel on the “Your Children’s Future” ticket and was then maintained her seat via a board appointment at the beginning of the year.

The Sires team has endorsed the latest incarnation of the ticket, which is comprised Trustees Sandra Pfeil and Aylen Jover, along with Police Lt. Henry Codina and fellow first time candidate Stephanie Gonzalez.

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