Pablo Fonseca resigns as WNY spokesman, Natalia Novas to serve as replacement


West New York spokesman Pablo Fonseca has resigned, effective Tuesday, September 15, and the town has already announced his replacement in Natalia Novas: a Memorial High School graduate.


By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Novas, a secretary for the West New York Chamber of Commerce, a member of both the West New York Women’s Club as well as a part of the Town Police Department’s Youth Academy planning committee, is a well-known presence on the North Hudson political scene.

She campaigned alongside now-Commissioners Cosmo Cirillo and Gabriel Rodriguez leading up to the May 12 municipal election, where Mayor Felix Roque’s slate pulled off a clean sweep.

Fonseca also served as the campaign manager for Roque’s team, and previously led the Roque-backed “Children First” board of education ticket to victory back in November.

“We are excited to have Natalia on board. She brings stalwart commitment and professionalism to the administration,” Roque said about the hiring of Novas in a statement.

“The team looks forward to working with Natalia to strengthen the relationship between the municipality and the West New York community.”

Novas is also a graduate of Memorial High School and the chairwoman of the North Hudson Rotary Club.

Fonseca confirmed with Hudson County View that he has chosen to leave his job in West New York, forwarding us a copy of his resignation letter:

“The time has come to move on. My new opportunities and my mother’s medical needs are my priorities,” he wrote in the September 9th letter addressed to Roque.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Town of West New York. Thank you for the opportunity.”

The move marks the second high-profile member of Roque’s administration to seek employment elsewhere this week, as Business Administrator Matthew Watkins will be leaving for the same position in Bloomfield, effective October 5.

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  1. With open arms and empty wallets, we welcome Pablo to Hoboken. Michael Russo, Carmelo, Eduardo, Ruben and the crew need you!

    Save us from these Zimmerists do gooders Pablo!

  2. Good luck ms. Novas you’re going to need it. Practice lying for a living because that’s what you’re going to be asked to do. Go back and take a look at pablo s interviews. They’re all lies. Roque and Silvio will be next to go and you’re going to be asked to make them seem like good people when we all know they are the worst people we’ve seen here in decades.

  3. Where is Felix Roque?? Why is he living in Guttenberg and not showing up in WNY for any Mayor duties?

    Where is the State of NJ Investigating this fraud on people of West NY?

    Cosmo shame on you for covering for Felix Roque!!!!

  4. congratulations natalia walking by the townhall the other day and you couldnt even say hello because of your colleagues wow i was so dissapointed in you but proud of you at the same time my mother always said this to me and it stuck in my head for years BE CAREFUL OF THE TOES YOU STEP ON TODAY CAUSE THEY JUST MIGHT BE CONNECTED TO THE ASS YOU HAVE TO KISS TOMMORROW !!DONT FORGET WHERE U CAME FROM