Op-Ed: Republicans stand with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom


In an editorial, Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein and Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey President Herminio Mendoza explain why the GOP is standing with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein.

That a totalitarian socialist dictatorship has destroyed Cuba and the lives of so many men, women, and children, should not be a partisan issue but to Democrat U.S. Senator Bob Menendez it is.

In fact, in a statement Menendez went out of his away to attack the NJ GOP Gubernatorial candidate, Jack Ciattarelli, for having the audacity to attend the Cuban freedom rally in North Bergen.

If Menendez thinks Ciattarelli is politicizing the Cuban freedom movement by merely being present at a rally, then what of Menendez’s political underlings in the Hudson County Democrat Organization that spoke at that very same rally?

One must also ask, does Menendez take umbrage that Jose Arango (nominal Chair of
the Hudson County Republican Organization) was in attendance, or is this ameliorated due to the fact that Arango is Menendez’s longtime political retainer and servant?

Obviously, if Menendez were not applying a double standard, at least in this case, he would have no standards at all.

But to understand both U.S. support for the Cuban freedom movement and Menendez’s obscene attack on a supporter of Cuban freedom, one need look at the Democrat Party on the national level.

Menendez and several other Democrats may beat their chest and encourage calls for military strikes (such as were made at the rally by those demonstrating), but it was the Obama-Biden administration which ended the policy of allowing Cuban refugees present on US soil automatic legal status and engaged in a failed normalization with the island dictatorship which did nothing for the Cuban people.

Menendez may pretend Republicans like Ciattarelli, are attempting to politicize the struggle for freedom in Cuba, but it was the Biden-Harris administration that called the protests anger over “economic mismanagement” and stated that the protests were motivated by a bad regime COVID response.

Plain and simple, Democrats are upset because the freedom protests in Cuba don’t fit their narrative that socialism is good and that the USA is systemically and institutional bad.

Republicans and freedom demonstrators around the world (from Hong Kong to Cuba) proudly march waiving the U.S. flag because it is a symbol of freedom.

Over the last year, in Antifa riots and BLM marches, leftists burned U.S. neighborhoods and the US flag while the Democrat leadership made up every excuse for them.

Menendez should understand that freedom from a totalitarian socialist dictatorship is not a partisan issue, but since the first days Obama-Biden administration, the Democrat Party has shifted from the center to the extreme left.

With many Democrat leaders openly embracing socialism (Sanders, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, etc…), and with Presidents Obama and Biden’s kowtowing to the whims of dictatorships
(Cuba, China, and Iran), it places many old guard Democrat officials in a position which tests their spinal fortitude.

Menendez may not have enough spine to stand up to those in the Democrat Party and the
Biden administration who are playing politics with the Cuban freedom movement, but Republicans (including our Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli) are willing to go into deep blue Hudson County to stand up for freedom for the Cuban people.

Herminio Mendoza – Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, President
Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein

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  1. Since you’re still living in mommy’s basement anyway, have her read these things before you post them.

    “waiving the U.S. flag because it is a symbol of freedom”

    She might have told you adding that i makes the statement go 180 degrees in the opposite direction. But flag waving or waiving is about all republicans do. So it’s not surprising that an editorial about “standing with” a group of people is actually 90% about all the many people you don’t like. Maybe mommy can help you with that too.