Op-Ed: Hudson GOP chair running longtime Dem operative against me as a Republican


In an editorial, New Jersey GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein, now a candidate for Hoboken GOP committee, discusses the circumstances he’s facing in tomorrow’s primary.

Hudson County Republican Chair Jose Arango (left) with Hoboken GOP Committee candidate Joe Branco. Facebook photo.

Arango, a nominal Republican who works for the Hudson County Democrat Machine but is Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party, has a long history of endorsing and supporting Democrats (sometimes even with GOP money), attacking Republican candidates and activists, and harming the Republican Party.

On May 26th, weeks before the Hoboken GOP election meeting, by decree, and without an election or legal authority to do so, Arango has declared a known Democrat operative to be the head of the Hoboken Municipal Republican Party.

Arango may be the county GOP chairman, for the time being, but he is not above the law which explicitly states that every municipal political party is required to choose their leadership through elections.

The Republicans of Hoboken are the only ones empowered to decide who their leader is and are not bound by attempted organizational dictatorship through social media posts.

No matter how desperate Arango and his fellow Democrat operative he recruited (Joseph Branco) are to prove their relevance to the left-wing Democrat masters they serve, one cannot supersede an election.

Moreover, Joseph Branco, the Democrat operative Arango is attempting to install as part of his transparent attempt to serve his bosses on the political left, also has a long and documented history working for the Democrats.

Branco can be seen in pictures from his own social media at Democrat fundraisers as recent as 2020, hobnobbing with Democrat bosses such as Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat State Senator Sacco, and at a presidential fundraiser for Democrat Senator Corey Booker in 2019.

As has been reported, it is widely known in political circles that Branco asked for and
received the blessing of the local left wing Machine Democrat political bosses before switching parties.

Republicans in Hoboken, and indeed, across Hudson County, no longer want to live under a GOP Chairman who works for the Democrats and attempts to rule the county GOP as a dictator.

If the GOP is to grow in Hudson County, it needs new leadership that works with the municipal GOP leadership, committee members, and the grassroots, not for the Democrats.

Together, we can make the Hudson County Republican Party Republican again!

NJ GOP State Committeeman
Joshua Sotomayor Einstein


Editor’s note: Einstein plans to challenge Arango for the Hudson County GOP chair post if he is victorious tomorrow. 

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  1. Joe Branco is running for a Republican Committee seat against Josh?

    This is too funny! Josh should be flattered that folks on both sides of the aisle are so scared of him.

    It seems to me the “powers that be” would be better off ignoring Josh than giving him oxygen by treating him as a real threat to their power.

  2. To support his argument, Joshua links an article and claims “As has been reported,…” When you click on the article, you discover that Joshua wrote that report. An army of one.