Op-Ed: Here’s three reasons why I’m still running for Hudson County GOP chair


In an editorial, former New Jersey GOP State Committee Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein explains why he’s still running for Hudson County GOP chair after taking a loss in Hoboken during the primary election.

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo.

I am running to be your Chairman, head of the Hudson County Republican Party, for three reasons:

1. ELECTION INTEGRITY – First and foremost, with no Republican in the County Office of the Superintendent of Elections, a status that has existed since 2014 and is in violation of state law, how can Republicans and even independent voters feel secure in the election results coming out of our county?

We all know Democrat Machine Politicians run Hudson, but in gubernatorial elections a greater Republican turnout in Hudson County helps the GOP candidate across the state.

Without the inherent and legally mandated check and balance of a bi-partisan County
Office of the Superintendent of Elections, how can we be sure of the county numbers in the
upcoming election for Governor of New Jersey?

As your chair I will fight so that a Republican is in that office to make sure elections in our county are free and fair for all.

2. EMPOWERING GOP COMMITTEE MEMBERS – A county GOP, such as we have in Hudson, that meets only once every two years, and that only to have internal chairman and leadership elections rather than to consult with GOP committee members over endorsements, is a disgrace.

As your chairman, I will make sure the County GOP meets four times a year (quarterly) to discuss the issues, brainstorm ways to grow the GOP, hear from candidates, plan fundraisers, and stand up to the Democrat Machine which only increases the cost of living and pushes an extremist agenda in our schools and against our country.

I will empower GOP Committee members by forming a County GOP Endorsement Vetting Sub-Committee consisting of the Municipal GOP leaders and regular GOP committee members from each town in Hudson.

This sub-committee will report to the entire body of the GOP County Committee on its recommendations and the entire GOP County Committee will vote on whom to endorse in primary elections.

3. MAKING THE GOP VOICE HEARD – Last, but not least, lower cost of living, standing against the Democrat Machine politicians robbing our communities, and standing up proudly for American history, symbols, and values – are all issues that resonate with many more people in our county than there are registered Republicans.

Republicans can spread our message if the GOP County Committee, after empowering itself, empowers them. But for over a decade, Republicans and Republicans leaning independents in Hudson County have heard nothing from the current do-nothing Chairman Jose Arango.

As your GOP County Chairman, I will bring in outside trainers to run activism, letter writing, and candidate training workshops so that together we can not only empower GOP County Committee Members but other Republicans in Hudson to spread our message.

In our county, there are many Republicans who donate to GOP candidates across the state and nation, in Presidential, House, Senate, Gubernatorial, and state legislative races who wish they have a Hudson County Republican Party they could donate to.

I will bring in professional fundraisers to build up our county and municipal GOPs, to build trust with these donors, and to use funds raised to support candidates and grow the GOP through outreach, education, and campaigning.

From my four years years on the NJ GOP State Committee, to my leadership with the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, from when I was on the New Jersey State Young Republican Executive Board to when I was chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans, my time as Secretary of the Hoboken Municipal Republican GOP Committee to before I had any title whatsoever, I have always been an advocate for the GOP and our values.

As your Hudson County GOP Chairman, I will continue to organize Lincoln Dinners, bring in speakers, facilitate activism and candidate training sessions, coordinate phone banks and door knocking for candidates, and more.

Just as importantly, when you elect me, the Hudson County Republican Organization will be able to turn a new leaf, not just of engaging in GOP activism, but of having a Chair willing to work with the County GOP committee men and women to build a better GOP.

At the County GOP elections on Tuesday’s June 29th 6pm at The Boulevard, 3167 John F. Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen, vote Joshua Sotomayor Einstein for GOP Chairman.

Together we can make the Hudson County GOP Republican again!

Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein
Hoboken resident

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